May 11, 2020 | | From a reader:

The 2020 pandemic has begun to shine a spotlight on the gross inequalities within the fabric of U.S. society. It is exposing some of the disproportionate suffering by its Black and Brown populations, even as it is still a partial picture as many states do not provide comprehensive data on who is being affected. Yet the terrible toll on the Native peoples gets little mention in official briefings and reporting.

It has come out that the Navajo Native American reservation (formally known as the Navajo Nation) has the highest coronavirus infection rate outside New York and New Jersey.1 If it were a state, the Navajo Nation would rank third in the U.S. for confirmed cases per 100,000.2 The reservation is the size of West Virginia and stretches over more than 27,000 square miles across Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. While Navajo people are less than 6% of Arizona’s population, by May 10, they had over 20% of the state’s confirmed coronavirus cases and nearly 22% of related deaths; and while Native Americans make up about 10% of New Mexico’s population, they are over 57% of coronavirus cases.   [Read more here...]4978790681?profile=RESIZE_710x

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