Are you a female of African descent (or you know of someone who is) who has a book, publication, or some other written or visual work (film or documentary) that you would like to present, share, promote, or have reviewed? If yes, then contact the Million Woman Media, Marketing and Merchandising Teams and find out how we can help you move to the next level of your mission or project.

Also, join us for the upcoming National Black/Africana Women's Literary Showcase coming in October 2011.
The Pan Africana Women's Literary Consortium Present's

Black/Africana Women's Literary
& African Village Holistic Health & Healing Expo
October 7- 9, 2011

Philadelphia, PA

Featuring Local and Internationally Acclaimed Black/Africana Woman Literary
Scholars, Authors, Writers, Publishers, and Collectors, etc.

Special Tributes To:
Ida B. Wells, Zora Neale Hurston, Gwendolyn Brooks, Amy Jacques Garvey,
Phyllis Wheatley, & Lorraine Hansberry
and others

Workshops, Lectures, Open Forums, Book Reading & Reviews,
Holistic Health & Healing Village and African Marketplace,

Featuring: The MWM Lil' Sistahs Writers/Scribes Collective and The Seshet Appreciation Awards and Scholarships,
AND: A variety of Optimum Health, Healing and Fitness activities, products, services, seminars and training sessions

To be a presenter, exhibitor, or for more information contact: or

The Pan Africana Women's Literary Consortium
(The PAW-LC) is one of the many socially conscious, cultural, arts, professional, and academic components of the Universal Million Woman Movement. It's purpose is
to promote, disseminate, develop, publish, research, document, critique, collect, educate, and share all types of literary/written works, from all genres, by females of Africana/Afrikhem descent from the entire Diaspora.

The Pan Africana Women's Literary Consortium
is also
committed to fighting illiteracy and mis-education and thus advocates and assist in the promotion of independent schools and institutions in Black/African communities globally for skills training and development

My heart is with me
and it shall never come to pass
that it shall be taken away.

I am Nebt en Abw.
I live in Ma'at
and I have my being in truth.
I live by my word
and my heart doth live.

I am Sesheta, the seven horned one;
namer of names, keeper of the akashic records,
mistress of the library,
Goddess of writers and scribes,
she who dwells in the heart,
who dwells in the centre of the body.

I live by saying what is in my heart,
and it shall not be taken away from me.

My heart is mine,
and it shall not be wounded.
No terror shall subdue me.

I have committed no sin against the gods;
I shall not suffer defeat;
I shall be victorious.

I open the door of heaven.
I govern my throne
and I give new birth to myself.

I am not the Child who trod the path of yesterday,
but I am Today.
I am she who is unborn
and the gods, with rose-bright countenances
are with me.

The Book of Coming Forth By Day
The event is an original Million Woman March production and is one of the official MWM 14th year anniversary commemoration events
Sis. Empress Phile' Chionesu
Originator/Founder & President General








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