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SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA – The Nat Turner Library, located on his Birthland in a corridor of Black Farmers, in Southampton, Virginia launched it’s first fundraising campaign, July 6, 2011.

              Appropriately, the target aspect of the comprehensive ideal for a living memorial to honor the memory of the Black Freedom Fighter, who was the Leader of the BLA of 1831. Also appropriately the fundraising is to build a organic garden complex to support the Library. Some of the farmers connect their land ownership back into the 18th century.  

            This project is a part of a determined effort by the leading, most energetic and imaginative Social Network Founder and Administrator on the Internet: Master Keidi Awadu. He is the leader and trail blazing pioneer who introduced, enmasse, Social Networking to the National Black Community. He did so at a time when most Black people thought ITUBE, MY SPACE, FACEBOOK & Company were just places for fun and games. Keidi knew better; And has introduced that knowledge to missions of others.

   had a Self-Determination thought from the very beginning. Establishing a Self-Determination Village on the Birthland of Nat Turner is just one of several that are evolving in North America. The Trade name for this particular initiative of LIB is Kujichagulia Village Virginia (KVV). This is at the home base of The Nat Turner Library.

            At last posting, LIB had almost 8,000 documented members: many of whom have already pleged to be intraval parts of practicing Self-Determination; or “Doing For Self.”

            Groundwork is underway to plant the Nat Turner Library Garden in the Spring of 2012. A gathering of LIB Members and Friends will gather at the Library this August 17 on Marcus Garvey’s birthday. They will both brainstorm and clean out the site & etc. in preparation for planting in 2012. Everyone of a mind to be a part of an historic, yet entertaining event, are invited to attend.

            The following link will permit paying via Paypal.  See attachment for photo…

Or you may send funds in any amount to Nat Turner Library Garden: Post Office Box 9, Drewryville, Virginia 23844. The street address for the library is at 26070 Barhams Hills Road  -  Drewryville, Virginia 23844. Go to  or call 434-378-2140 for more information.



Nat Turner Shrine and Garden.jpg

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  • West

    Thanks Baba Khalifah for your kind words and your wise guidance over the years.  I have learned to listen carefully, and read carefully, of your wisdom.  Here are a couple of artist renderings of the proposed Nat Turner Library Gardens.  Let's hope that many more of us who profess to love the Great Martyr will finally begin investing in facilities that bear his name and help to sustain his enduring legacy.  In doing this project, I also honor you, Baba Khalifah, for the decades of unconditional love and service you have dedicated to a people you so love.  We love you too, Baba!


    • DMV

      Thank you Baba Keidi...I look forward to your presence on Nat Turner Land once more; this time with dozens of your loyal supporters from - the week of August 17-21 will be a period of time in the Black presence in America that will finally commemorate Nat Turner and Marcus Garvey in the Best possible way: Embedded into the Good Earth where sacred Blood was spilled in a gallant effort to Free Black people...We have some reason to believe that Marcus Garvey visited here during the time when he made his famous speech in Newport News, Va...........Khalifah

  • Georgia

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    • Georgia
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  • South

    It is so refreshing to see free thinking black people coming together to do something that uplifts the spirits of a lost people in America. This country is becoming more and more a concrete jungle that represents death while a garden represents life. Kudos to bro. Keidi Awadu for his insight.


    Fredonia ( means Free Woman)

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