Mr. President. I Love Our President For...

From: Dennis McGee
Jamia Shepherd
Sun, January 2, 2011
The President

I Love our President.. 


. . .the "room-lighting" smile:

For being so "cool":

For being fierce - when need be:

For having the intellect to be curious:

For the capacity to know that you are, as we are, imperfect..

For having the sense to not let it destroy you.

For the capacity to be compassionate:

For being an inspiration to so many:

For saving the auto industry and at least 1.4 million jobs:

For loving the troops:

For understanding the horrible price of war:

For bringing 100,000 men and women back from Iraq:

And simply for this:

For Being...................."MR. PRESIDENT"!

For the love of family:

For America's First Lady:

For Health Care reform:

For leaving the past behind:

For the world having respect for America, again:

For quietly and calmly dealing with crisis after crisis,

For the mind that always think: 

For preventing a second Great Depression:

For the humor:

For bringing the number of women in the Supreme Court to 3.:

For making the White House the "people's" house:

For 1.1 million jobs created in 2010 alone, more than the entire 8 years of George W.Bush: 


For The Penny Ice Creamery in Santa Cruz, California:

For the love of people:

after crisis, after crisis, even if not being responsible for any of them:

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  • NYMetro
    ASHE on everything you all said!!! He will not even address the problems facing Black people disproportionately in Amerikkka. Most Black people are just happy to have someone who looks like them in office even if he does nothing to change our condition. Everyone that looks Black isn't BLack. You must remember his mother was white and he was raised by white people -- his mother and her parents. He does not have the experiences that the average Black person in this country does. He was NOT raised in the Black community, but in Hawaii (the only BLack in his school) and Indonesia. He connection to our community is his wife. He had the chance to appoint a Black person to the Supreme Court and chose a white and Latino woman. SMDH. He didn't even appoint a Black person as his spokesperson. I don't care for Clinton, but at least he had Donna Brazil! And, even Bush had Condolezza and Colin! Obama is surrounded by white, Ivy League men. He is totally establishment and support the status quo. A white man in Blackface. SMDH
  • Europe

    OBAMA GIVE US REPARATIONS!!   Note: You said, time and time again you wants us (grandparents) to die. 

  • DMV

    Sad, assuming that this person is black, it is sad. I am really tired of hearing this type of child-like wonderment coming from the mouths of grown-ass black people, there is zero political content and critical analysis. "Thank you for being cool," how much more child-like can you get and I know there are some who say that it is good to be like a child, yeh, if you are a child, but not if you are supposed to be an adult.


    Obama has done nothing for the People, especially not black people, it is black people who have done everything for him, including breaking their necks to bend over backwards. I am glad that everyone else here is in agreement on this one.home boy needs to stop drinking the Obama coon-aid, that stuff is worst than Crack.

  • Caricom

    Black america, barack is not, and never will be, on your side.

    i am truly saddened that Afrikan americans are actually surprised that an Afrikan american president is not doing anything to advance their interests. have you learned nothing from history? have you learned nothing from the sage words of Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey?

    pigment is a very unreliable tool when assessing the likelihood of effective Black leadership. recall mobutu in the DRC and abacha in Nigeria. or supreme court justice clarence thomas.

    we need to stop looking to established structures of illegitimate power to provide us with the means to liberate us from the intergenerational, race-based, discriminatory practices (read: white supremacy) that consistently lay waste to our aspirations, wherever in the Diaspora - and on the continent - we may dwell.

    principle and practice - NOT pigment - should guide our decision-making. after we determine that the man/ woman that we, the people, have chosen is beholden to our will, then - and ONLY then - can they be duly anointed as our leader (read:servant).

    this will require something of a seismic shift for the vast majority of Afrikan americans...and such a shift is needed, because the current method of choosing between the democrats (racist self-described liberals) and republicans (racist self-described conservatives) has brought you precious little change.

    • Caricom

      @ Agnes: ditto!!!!


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