More Frankenfoods, Lab Grown Meat

More Frankenfoods, Lab Grown Meat

Junious Ricardo Stanton



“This merger of technology with food called “Food Tech’ in Silicon Valley jargon or cellular agriculture (cell-ag) refers to a vast set of technocratic activities mobilized to replace existing food systems.” Catherine Austin Fitts

We are living in a time of accelerated change on every level: social, economic, political, cultural, technological and psycho-spiritual. This change is neither organic nor spontaneous. Much of this change is being driven by the profit motive and a nefarious agenda designed to supplant, reconfigure and replace the existing natural and social orders. I have been railing against the plutocrats’ power grabs and how billionaires are creating or using existing “crises” to further their megalomaniacal power grabs and their insane attempts to play god for several years now.

We are experiencing a global evil that is truly mind boggling. The plutocrats are using every trick at their disposal and every instrument in their toolboxes/arsenals to dumb us down, keep us comatose, somnambulant and oblivious to what is happening. Their goals are to control our perceptions and our psyches so we think, act and consume according to their dictates.

They want us to believe there is a global climate crisis caused by cow farts, that our planet is overpopulated, out of balance and that Frankenfoods and technocratic environmental alteration are the solutions. That is preposterous. It is total insanity. As I’ve said on numerous occasions our planet is a living ecosystem, because it is alive it sustains us and we know all living things go through changes. There have been hundreds of changes over the past several millennia: ice ages, expanded desertification, land mass separations, rising and lowered sea levels to mention a few. The billionaire class thinks we are really really stupid to fall for their climate change okey-doke; but on second thought, lots of folks have drank their climate crisis Kool-Aid

My friend Catherine Austin Fitts says the overlords treat us like mushrooms, they keep us in the dark (ignorant) and feed us cow manure (lies and disinformation). But many people sense something is amiss, something is wrong and an ominous foreboding is percolating under our conscious awareness. It is an intuitive warning/sense that we are in danger. For the past few years public opinion polls have chronicled the growing concern, dissatisfaction and frustration about the way things are heading. ,,

Our higher/inner self is trying to warn us about an impending doom, trying to cut through the propaganda and disinformation to get us to rise from our stupor/slumber, take the requisite action to heal/save ourselves and insure our survival! We are in a war and unfortunately most of us will end up as collateral damage in this protracted war. This war is not being waged against another state but against all humanity by a small group of psychopathic plutocrats and their lackeys.

For the past few years I have been warning against the myriad weapons being used in this war against us: genetically altered/modified organisms, foodstuffs that are making us fat, sick and addicted, an all pervasive media/technology, modern Trojan Horses that we uncritically take into our most personal spaces that are key ingredients in the plutocrats’ program of menticide (rewiring our brains) and their ecocide, the deliberate poisoning/killing of our environment.

But now our very being is under direct assault with their DNA interventions such as gene editing and genetic manipulation to create human animal hybrids and chimeras, transhumanism- merging us with machines to create cyborgs and now synthetic biology to create new organisms and unleash them into the ecosystem.

Not satisfied to alter plants, seeds and nature now these mad scientists are hard a work creating what is being called Pharma Food and touting it as the next great thing for humanity. What is Pharma Food? To make a long story short it is lab grown meat. Check this out, lab meat production currently entails harvesting stem cells from living animals and working to make the cells immortal; meaning they no longer need living animal cells to produce lab grown or cultured meat. In theory it sounds plausible but there are numerous problems in this process and so far they have not been able to successfully create cost effective practical replacements for conventional animal husbandry. Go to and,growing%20in%20vats%20of%20cells. to read fairly objective views of lab grown meat.

Lab grown meat is not limited to mammals it also entails fish and fowl. My concern is the profit motive will surmount all ethical and moral considerations and the rush to market cheaper products will lead to cutting corners and shortchanging the needed research and safety measures. We’re seeing this affect with the COVID injections; we now know they are not free, safe or effective no matter what the PR hacks for the pharmaceutical industry, corrupt government agencies like the FDA, media and “fact checkers” say!

Lab grown meat poses numerous health and safety concerns not to mention ethical and moral ones. Read the article Is Lab Grown Meat Healthy and Safe to Consume on the Center For Food Safety’s Website by Jaydee Hanson at,growing%20in%20vats%20of%20cells. It provides an extensive overview of the critical issues regarding Animal Cultured Meat and points out dangers miscreants like Bill Gates will never share with us! “Of particular concern is the genetic engineering of cells and their potential cancer-promoting properties. To be able to better assess whether the products are being produced by methods that involve genetic engineering and use genetic constructs (-called onco-genes, typically used to make stem cells keep growing; this is not a problem for lab experiments, but could be for food products-) that might encourage cancer cells, we need more information on how the cells are engineered and kept growing. Many of the companies are claiming this information is confidential and a business secret. These companies are not yet patenting their production processes wherein this information would be more fully disclosed. Some suggest that the production will follow the FDA cell culture guidelines, but the FDA's cell culture guidelines do not apply to this because they're not designed for food.,grow

A word to the wise is sufficient.





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