By H. Khalif Khalifah

[The following was written partly, in response, to a commentary what Brilliant young scholar, Atty. Opio Sokoni wrote about U.S. President Barack Obama war against Libya]

The passion, reasonableness, emotion as well as the righteousness of your  conviction is beyond question; what is within question is the choice of the battle one chooses to fight in a Liberation Struggle.

      For reasons clearly specified, I actually endorsed Barack Obama for president of the USA. The reasons have positively borne themselves out. But I now openly state i would not have done so had i a reason to think that "The Conscious" Black people amongst us would not have seized the opportunity that my reasons specified, identified and pointed out to energize the Black Liberation struggle here in North America.

          Most simply did not “get it.” Instead they stay in the comfortable zone of defense, rather than availing themselves of the chance to go on the offense in the political climate where we find ourselves in 2011.

          After spending some significant time in the deep U. S. south this spring, I am more convinced than ever that the most impactable work of passionate freedom loving people is right “under our feet” right here in North America.  Barack Obama is just the most glaring example.

While the mobility and good life that the top tier of the National Black Community is quite self evident, the traditional uneven way that Black people live in america is like an open sore: the only way that you don’t see it is if you don’t look there.



          In my 2007 endorsement of Obama’s presidential run, the Number One reason I pointed to as to as why I endorsed, the erstwhile politician called Barack Obama, was he is example of one correctly use power to energize the things one must do to achieve their goal.

His specified goal was to become president of the United States of America. His chance to achieve his goal was there because the climate was such that he could do the proper work to achieve his goal. This was a political climate that we made possible: the primary “we” was my own generation of the 1960’s. Unfortunately, some among us don’t have a clear definition of President of the U.S.A. means. Or the mistakenly think that I don’t know.

          The Conscious among us certainly didn’t have the presidency of the United States as our goals. Freedom, Justice and Equality was our goal.  However, political climates does not individualize anyone in particular to avail themselves within it. Humans are never powerless to act within any circumstance wherever/whenever they find themselves. Understanding the Knowledge of the climate will determine the Wisdom and dictate how you apply your power.

          My question when I endorsed Barack Obama was “How are you using your power in this political climate?” And what are you using it to achieve?

          We saw clearly how Barack Obama was using his power; and we saw clearly what he used it to achieve.

          It is my own good fortune to be in a position to both advise, guide and share my own power with Black youth who are using their own power to reach their own specified objectives. I sincerely state this, but though they are more than a few, when we meet, most have not been properly guided and advised to “Do For Self.”

          The ones who haven’t accepted advise and guided to do for self, expend tremendous energy estimating and talking about how others are using their power in the same climate where they are? And it is not all because we may have varied positions on what they speak. So I readily agree many times  their positions are right and exact. I do point out, if given a chance, that the energy they use to act should be carefully directed where it will achieve their own Best Interest and Objective/Goal.



          I understand why our hearts bleed for Libya. We are all beneficiaries of Col Khadafy’s largesse. He is one who put his money where his mouth is to aid Black people in America. This was for the well reported tune of $8 Million that he loaned to the Nation of islam. And of course we are likely aware of his work with and for the African Union, including the part that allows for a presence for Africans in Diaspora in its constitution. So my last paragraph is certainly not begrudging Libya anything that the Black man and woman in America care to say or do in its behalf.

          However, the most effective policy Africans in America can do is work to bring our Libration Struggle to a successful conclusion. At the height of the thrust that brought the kind of climate that a talented Blackman, like Barack Obama used personal power to become President of the U. S., has also been repeated throughout America. They have used the opportunities we “’60’s generation” forced the USA to cede, to penetrate deeply into the White Supremacist based society.

The problem is not that THEY are NOT working on our behalf. The problem is with us who expend our equivalent power & energy arguing about what THEY should be doing. That is a legitimate quarrel, but OUR power & energy would be better served using the right guidance, we have to “do for self.”

          As always, I am available to The Black Youth for consultations for advise, guidance and etc., to the extent they can use it to further THEIR OWN IDEALS. My ‘doctrine’ in 2011 is:

          “To Empower Black Youth With Whatever We Possess and/or Represent That They Can Effectively Use to Further Their Own Ideals, Dreams, Ambitions and Aspirations.

          That They May Be Tooled to “Do For Self.” The Thought is That When They Do For Self, They Will be Independent of White Supremacy Doctrine and Free to Practice Self Determination as an Upright Black Man and Woman.”

H. KHALIF KHALIFAH Serve Six years on the Nation BOD of N’COBRA; he was N’COBRA’S Liaison to the Million Man March; Founder of The Nat Turner Library; he is the author of “A Brief History About N’COBRA & The Reparations Movement;” He recently released his 15th published book called: The Acquisition and Proper Use of Power: the Destruction of White Supremacy.” 416 pages, Illustrated; $20.00. Order via Paypal, account number or call 434-3782140.


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