diop_olugbala.jpgOn Thursday, September 8th at 4pm, Philadelphia independent mayoral candidate Diop Olugbala will host a press conference along with professional boxer and youth organizer Simon “One Punch” Carr; Top Dollar, CEO of the Dollar Boyz; Bishop Alden A. Gaines; David Ross – Reentry Specialist, Connection Training Services; and Andre Norman - President of National Gang Council, to announce the September 9th Youth Empowerment Conference at the New Consolation Church at 2500 Wharton Street in South Philadelphia.


Friday’s Youth Conference is designed to give the young people in this city – shown in a recent study to be one of the most segregated in terms of education and housing – an opportunity to voice their concerns about education, public safety, and other key issues. All youth in Philadelphia are welcome to this conference to speak out about what is on their minds, why some have taken to "flash mob" actions in the streets, what they feel is missing in this city, and what solutions they see working in a city faced with such problems as budget cuts, police violence and lack of jobs.


Olugbala is also inviting Mayor Nutter, Police Commissioner Ramsey, DA Williams and others to be a part of this historic forum to hear from youth first hand in order to form solutions collectively.


“We must listen to the youth,” says candidate Olugbala, “We stand in our criticism of the curfew as an incorrect response to violence in this city. The real solution is economic development. We have formed a youth commission to develop a program for real solutions, with the democratic participation of the community - especially the youth. My efforts and intentions are to rescue the city from a path of destruction. London was a warning - and although my opponent's current policies mirror those policies that led to the London uprising, such would not have to be the city's fate under my administration. We have the opportunity to unite the city under the banner of economic development and social justice, making Philly a safe place for everyone to live in harmony."


Contact: Harris Daniels, 857-233-7508, harrisodaniels@gmail.com






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