Marcus Garvey A Man of God


'The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, A Godly Man '

Inspired by the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League’s Official Ritual  

By Shaka Barak, 1st Vice President, UNIA & ACL Garvey/Nkrumah Memorial Progressive Division #429  12-27-22

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    On August 17, 1887, one hundred and thirty-five years ago, Almighty God the Beneficent and Merciful brought Marcus Mosiah Garvey, a male child into the world of the African race, that was struggling beneath the heavy cross of injustice and oppression, and wrongs laid upon them by their persecutors. Through this child born in Jamaica, Caribbean, God would remember in his love and mercy the land of his forefathers and would redeem Africa from the hands of those who exploit and ravish her. He was born to a Christian family of Marcus and Sarah Jane Richards Garvey, and older sister Indiana Garvey. His mother believed that he would be a leader directed by the Lord in all his doings, with his most gracious favor, and furthered with continued help that in all his works, begun, continued and ended in the Lord, glorifying his holy name, he would obtain everlasting life through Jesus Christ. He was given the mission from the High God to be the founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League to strengthen the African race in its determination to free themselves from the hands of their enemy, and to put down the mighty from their seat and exalt the humble and the meek.   

    Marcus Mosiah Garvey was to be aided by heavenly Grace, with his Godly aims and endeavors to bring peace, justice, liberty and happiness to his Race. Almighty God granted him wisdom and discretion in all his undertakings, patience under his difficulties, triumph over his enemies, and a happy issue out of all his struggles.  He was to save his race from unhappy divisions, take from them envy and hatred and malice and whatsoever may hinder them from union and concord. He would teach that there is but one body, and one God, and one hope of their calling through the motto, One God One Aim One Destiny, so that his race may be all of one heart and mind and soul, united into one Holy Bond of truth, faith and charity, and may with one mind and mouth glorify Almighty God, through Jesus Christ their Lord, so that the Grace of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and the Love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost, be with them all forever more.  

    Marcus Mosiah Garvey would seek to bring all nations into one-fold, and hasten the day of universal Brotherhood, through Jesus Christ. Almighty God whose Kingdom is everlasting and power infinite would be gracious unto him and his movement and so rule his servant's heart so that he knowing his responsibilities above all things would seek the honor and welfare of his race, so that all his people, considering the authority that he bears may faithfully and obediently honor him in accordance with their laws, through Jesus Christ.  Blessed Lord Jesus would remember, in his love and mercy the land of Marcus Mosiah Garvey’s forefathers in Egypt, East Africa, in which Jesus when he was a child left Bethlehem to find refuge, when his life was threatened by wicked men.  The land of the Marcus Mosiah Garvey's forefathers, in Ethiopia/Abyssinia, East Africa would also be a place of refuge for the followers of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) a man inspired of God Allah Omnipotent, due to persecution of Muslims by wicked men in Mecca.  

    Through Marcus Mosiah Garvey God would renew Africa’s ancient glory, and would grant that her oppressed and downtrodden children, at home and in foreign climes, may shortly be restored to their divine inheritance, so that, under their own vine and fig tree, and the slogan of 'Africa for the Africans, those at Home and those Abroad' they may gather to worship their God and establish a great Empire. 


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