Yo' Little Brother Symposium
for our 10-16 years old sons
part of the Rites-of-Passage Project
 Action Leadership Institute, Inc/Kuumba Promos

Dr. Eldridge Henderson, Executive Director, ALI, Inc.

Elder Baba Asinia Lukata Chikuyu, Youth Development Division Director

Post Office Box 11095     Jackson, MS 39283-1095

601-918-0575     Email:


RE:          Monthly Moving Towards Manhood Training Symposiums


                Leadership is so very important for our sons.  What is why the REAL Learning Institute has partnered with the Action Leadership Institute facilitate the Monthly Moving Towards Manhood Training Symposiums for boys 10-16 years of age.  And We need the support of the leadership City of Jackson.

                These Monthly MTM Training Symposiums are design our sons from the community in constructive strategy sessions that will put them on an affirmed path to responsible manhood.  By engaging our sons in interactive discussions about Black Heroes to Know       ; Conflict Resolution & Anger Management; Fatherhood vs. Daddy; Work Ethics & Workplace Etiquette; Commitment to Education; Principles of Manhood; Entrepreneurship Spirit; Commitment to Blackness with expect to help them appreciate the Cameroon, West African Adage - Knowledge is better than riches.

                Out of love for our sons, REAL Learning has put together a series of symposiums to help them as they are Moving Towards Manhood.  Our schedule looks at this -


Monthly Moving Towards Manhood Training Symposiums

“Declaring Our Humanity”

at the Arts Klassical Events Studio

Jackson Medical Mall, 350 West Woodrow Wilson Avenue,

Suite 3415, Jackson, ms - - Friday Evenings - - 6-8pm


Monthly MTM Training Symposiums                       Dates

Black Heroes to Know                                                 May 31, 2014

Conflict Resolution & Anger Management             June 27, 2014

Fatherhood vs. Daddy                                                July 25, 2014

Work Ethics & Workplace Etiquette                        August 29, 2014

Commitment to Education                                        September 26, 2014

Principles of Manhood                                               October31, 2014

Entrepreneurship Spirit                                             November 14, 2014

Commitment to Blackness                                        December 12, 2014


                As a leader in Jackson, We need you to support this initiative by help us identify sources of revenue to underwrite this project and demonstrate to love and concern for our sons by making an occasional appearance at the symposiums.  The symposiums are only $15.00 per session, with special discounts available for multi-session registrations.  We plan to have some scholarships can be earned by our sons in special need.  For more details about the REAL Learning Institute's Declaring Our Humanity MTM Training Symposium Series contact Baba Asinia Lukata Chikuyu, Training Elder, at or call 601-942-2504.


                Asante Sana (Thank you very much) for you demonstrated commitment to our sons disciplined maturation.

Baba Asinia Lukata Chikuyu

Lead Training Elder, REAL Learning Institute

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    Wonderful. Watch for my email to you, my brother. Shalom.

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