Admin OptionsEdit Post Add TagsDelete Post Manage Blog Man up because all of our young brothers are locked down doing crazy time and the only ones left to advance our position are the middle aged brothers and the senior brothers. As we middle aged brothers continue to age and the senior brother succumb to mortality so does our opportunity and percentage of survival.Man up for the benefit of our sisters raising newborns and the sisters struggling with teenagers. We middle aged men must stay young and healthy for as long as we can.As the last free black men standing we must think our way out of extinction with clear and effective strategies because black female empowerment groups and female organizations can not exist nor expand without black men protecting their advancement and expansion.Without the black man's protection business men from other business's, companies, races, nationalities and ethnic groups through mergers, hostile takeovers, leverages, buyouts and unfair business practices will continue to descend upon black female empowerment groups to pluck the black woman endeavors, penetrate her efforts, dilute her goals, compromise and stagnate her progress and expansion of empowerment until she is disillusioned and burned-out from trying to make it in a male dominated business arena.If we are to survive as a people we must man up and provide protection to the black woman's efforts to reinforce our survival. It is also extremely imperative for African American survival and way of life that the black women support our businesses whether or not they use our product or services.Man up and create and establish an industry to shield and protect our endeavors, raise and shield our children's growth, development, and lives. We must also do business with each other regardless of likes or dislikes for one another religious affiliations or political viewpoints.Whether you dislike or disagree with your brother or sister don't reject help that can only strengthen your position and fortify your presence merely because it is coming from a disliked personality,unpopular direction, person or camp.Man up and stop behaving as slaves that fight in each others camp over whom has the best master. Through this vast matrix of groups we have the unbridled opportunity to meaningfully dialog without personal confrontation.Stop short circuiting meaningfully written dialog with emotional responses of indignation and criticism." If you believe that your endeavors are more important than the pursuit of the African American agenda presented by Undercover Smart then you are rushing to a red light.We are now into the 21st century without a workable equation for black reciprocity whether it be financial or professional. The black man must have the courage in Ebonics terms to man up and take a hard look at our situation and at your responsibilities.Man up because as of this writing other races and other nations are perilously close to consuming African Americans. Our freedom and rights will soon depend on the permission of others.Enoch Mubarak may not be the 21st century Moses or the great deliverer but if in the end I am proved wrong; it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission.The is only one other time stronger than real-time and that is actual time. Actual time means right here, right now, this very second, this very moment. In actual time the black man has the complete backing and support from the black woman without one dissension being heard.Man up because your mission if you choose to accept it is to target adolescent black males. Your strategy is to bend the tree while it is young.The only thing young black males are missing is a hero/role model. Young black males at this point in their development simply need something and someone that looks like them to believe in. I have supplied them with that through my persona and book "Undercover Smart."Man up by staying focused and committed. Do not be distracted, discouraged or dismayed by market or sociology analyst reports that primarily exploit rather than market to our children especially to our black boys.For instanceMarket or sociology analyst reports criticizes our young black boys for spending their money on car rims and car accessories. Young black men are spending their money on car rims and auto accessories as well as they should be.The young black males journey into reading begins with his first car. Automobile ownership is all about maintenance, and automobile maintenance is all about reading, studying, watching, learning and know-how.The phase of male/child development in regards to a young black males expenditures and investment is on point. A young black boy's automobile is essential to his self worth and self esteem.As a result of reading, studying, watching, learning and know-how the young black males are spending less and less time with the auto mechanic. They are reading and buying automobile manuals that require intense concentrated reading.Automobile manuals teach young black men how to read, repair and upkeep their precious investments.Our young black males are self educating themselves by acquiring the book sense an knowledge of automobile electronics, auto body repair and engine diagnosis/repair.To learn more about how you can man up and how Undercover Smart has given young black males something to believe in read my post below titled, "Effective male mentoring for black females."HIGHLY EFFECTIVE MALE MENTORING FOR FEMALESIt has been my experience that having a job is overrated and being a mentor is a double edge sword. That is to say that on one side of the blade you want to improve and mentor the life of a young man but on the other side of the blade the young man is watching to see how you're putting it down.On one side of the blade you want your subject to listen to what you have to say but on the other side of the blade he's studying you to see if what you are telling him has helped you any.I personally believe that mentoring is idealistic and artificial especially when you consider that some men spend their time telling a young man how to succeed in life while on their job they spend it taking orders from someone younger than them.I believe that a true mentor has no story. A true mentor has no past and he has no future. A true mentor faces life as it reveals itself while men, young and old watch as he carves something out of nothing at all. A true mentor doesn't complain about how tough it is to be a man because he knows going in that it's tough to be a man.Seeing is believing and until the black child and the black woman can witness with their own eyes the black man moving them up the food chain, there is no true mentoring......until nowI currently mentor men by impressing upon them the truth that, "if you have a vision you don't need a business plan." and that you don't have to shave your head bald in an effort to "go along just to get along."I mentor by showing young brothers and men courage they have not seen before. I take them to my company web site at: and show them a black man that flipped his life.I mentor young brothers by showing that they can be something other than drug dealers, politicians or ministers. I let them see for themselves what is possible to achieve without incurring massive debt, embarrassing credit enquirers or invasive background checks.I tell them to forget about a job; start a business. I show black men how to make a job their business. I tell them and show them how I read and used the strategy of "Undercover Smart" to flip my life. I show them how they too can flip their lives and still be a man about it.I tell the sisters with young men to get "Undercover Smart." They in turn pass the word to their girlfriends with young men that "Undercover Smart" is the book to get if you want to mentor a black man, score a few points with your son or reveal to a son, brother or husband your expectations of a man especially if he has already declared himself to be a man.Very few black men will reach deep into their pockets to spend their last $10.00 on a book but, for "Undercover Smart they will spend their last $10.00.I mentor by example. I mentor in real-time. I mentor without getting noticed and without making a sound. Any man that reads "Undercover Smart" will learn how to do it also

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