Long Live The King!

Well....I want to state my truth and speak my mind today as this may be my last communications with the Moorish groups on this internet. I want to put a couple things down...for the record. First of all...I claimed the birthright of Jesus Christ on Aug. 21 1994 with sword in hand on a rooftop in Franfurt Germany...for the astrologers out there...the moon was square pluto while in aquarius. As above so below. I state this for the people who watch the future with anticipation and awe. I state this for the brothers who are seeking the truth. I am no doubt the greatest man to ever walk the face of this earth. I have no problem speaking this truth to the world and as a matter of fact I can't wait to show them. In the meantime you can always get a glimpse of what my creator has done for me here: or go to my site . Click on the green jewel to enter my kingdom.Perhaps you will recognize...perhaps you will not. That really is not my concern.I will say that I am the king of problem. I will say that I have healed a paralyzed man(also in Germany) truth.....I will say that men have bowed down to me and wept...and kissed my problem.I can say that men have recognized me as a master...on the level of jesus or problem.I could say that I could give you the government if you would problem.I percieve that I am just about finished with discussion groups...I never fit in any way. How could I? I have caused floods....influenced the weather,influenced world events and I have done more for the "black man"than any other person ever (quietly behind the scene). The common man could never understand. These facts are not up for debate. I leave my truth. How can I not be at the very least....a prophet? I read the future for a living.Even went to court for it .The newspapers talked to one of my clients and she told them that I was on the level of Sylvia Brown or John psychics in America. That is what she saw but she could never see how great I truly am.You can see the story at my site. My world makes me ask simple questions like how can one be a prophet if they cannot predict the future? How can one be a leader if he cannot see the future? Where shall he lead? This world is mad and it's inhabitants are mad. I could say that man is a perfect biological robot....and I will. He is a perfect biological robot.A robot that reproduces and maintains himself.Since he is a robot he does not know that he cannot think? The brain is a stores information and then calls that same information to mind when needed. This is not thinking. Just as memorization is not learning. Personality is nothing more than the individual program. This is the real matrix. That man is a every sense of the word. All of his thoughts,feelings,desires,actions can be predicted, manipulated and controlled. One last thing I leave to the astrologers and the faithful students of the truth. I was born on march 19th 1962. I was born at 29 degrees pisces. The alpha and the omega. The beginning and the end.

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