Life Is For Living

Life Is For Living

Junious Ricardo Stanton


“Life is not a spectator sport.” Junious Ricardo Stanton

We have been given the precious gift of life, it is a wonderful and awesome opportunity to be and manifest great things on this physical plane of existence. Please do not take it for granted or abdicate your responsibility to live fully and be your best authentic self. It is incumbent upon each of us to discern why we are here, why we incarnated on this plane and then work to cultivate, develop and actualize our innate aptitudes, abilities, talents and gifts.

For most of human history aboriginal indigenous people recognized the universe is teleological, a fancy word for purposeful design, that there is order and observable symmetry all around us. Whether you are an atheist, an agnostic, a follower of a specific organized religion or an independent mystic if you are observant and conscious, you have come to the conclusion we are here and that the universe exists; therefore it must have had a creative source, a CREATOR. If you accept the fact the universe has a creator, the next step is to ask what if any is the purpose for creation? Even if you subscribe to the notion of a “Big Bang” you have to ask what caused the bang in the first place and where did the energy, matter and materials we observe as the physical universe come from? It is logical to reason there must be a FIRST CAUSE, SOURCE and MAINTAINER for all creation.

Life is energy and with it comes: mobility, cognition, awareness, volition, imagination (the power to visualize and create in our mind) and project those ideas into the physical realm and manifest them. This is quite powerful; yet far too often we take these abilities for granted or we allow them to remain dormant and impotent within us.

This is why we find ourselves in the sad state we are in personally and collectively. Some of you may be considered successful but the vast majority of us are little better than Zombies sleep walking through life wasting the genius, talents and treasure embedded within us. If the universe is teleological and I believe it is, then we are not fully living when we fail to cultivate and actualize our potential and gifts, when we fail to manifest our innate genius!

We live in a society where the ruling class created an exploitative system, they program and train us (through their education system) to fit into their scoio-economic agenda, that enriches and profits them. They could care less about our natural genius and gifts unless they can harness them for their benefit even if it means hurting and harming the world!

We did not incarnate here to be cogs in their profit making order, that is not part of the greater teleological plan. We each have the potential and the solemn duty to share our talents and genius, to serve our fellow humans and be good and faithful stewards of the natural order in which we live. This is the real purpose of life and living. We are here for a reason regardless of the circumstance of our birth. We all are special, we are intended and designed to play a pivotal role in the world and environment in which we live. If you do not cultivate and actualize your gifts and your resident potential, the world suffers a great loss. It means your real contributions have been forfeited! You owe it to us to be your best and most authentic self; even if it means going against the existing prevailing socio-economic-political order! Life is for living we must accept the challenge of living fully.

There are evil forces attempting to manipulate us and suppress the first law of nature within us, the law of survival. This is not hyperbole or exaggeration, it is provable fact. These miscreants are not only attempting to profit from our talents they are now working to alter the natural order and us with it. They are programming us to passively acquiesce to their diabolical schemes. They are playing god by malevelently geoengineering the planet, trying to alter the very nature of what it means to be human; what they call transhumanism or post-humanism. What is post-humanism you ask? Here is what the powers that be say it is, “The ‘posthuman’ is used to describe modes of being resulting from potential enhancements to human nature generated through applied science and technological developments. However, it is equally adopted to identify the decentering of human exceptionalism and the overcoming of the principles of humanism.” This is technocratic double speak, their goal is to: “enhance” us via technology, to merge us into computers and via implants to turn us into cyborgs, hybrids or chimeras through DNA alteration, to despiritize us and make us oblivious to our direct connection to the FIRST CAUSE, THE SOURCE aka THE CREATOR. Within this context we need to ponder the profound rhetorical question Yeshua Ben Joseph asked, “What profit a man to gain the whole world and ignore his soul, what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”

I do not plan to go out like that! I say if you really want to enhance your life, live to the fullest, strive for optimal health, be enthusiastic about your gifts and talents and joyously share them wherever you are right here and now. Life is not a spectator sport, we were not designed to be voyeurs, peeping Toms gazing at the doings of other,s passively sitting on the sideline of life playing video games, fixated on gizmos and gadgets.

We incarnated here to be actively engaged in the game of life to be star players as well as complementary role players within the overall context of living on this plane. Do not allow the fear mongering, or the intentional hysteria peddlers to deter or dissuade you from living your best life, from being your truest authentic self or from making your much needed and valuable contributions to the collective!


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