Letter to Bloomberg on Occupy Wall Street

I think that Mayor Bloomberg not evicting the Occupy Wall Street was a good thing. I think good things should be encouraged and reinforced. I am therfore quite dismayed that some are depicting the mayor's action negatively as "backing down". This is a serious tactical mistake and serves to only heighten tension. We want the mayor's cooperation instead. This is why I wrote the letter below to Mayor Bloomberg:
Letter to Bloomberg,
Dear Mayor Bloomberg.
Please accept my thanks for not evicting the “Occupy Wall Street” protestors. I must say that I strongly disagree and deplore depiction of your action as “backing down”. On the contrary, I think you showed good judgment and acted to protect freedom.
Let us face it, New York City and other cities all across the nation have been victims of Wall Street plunging the country into economic chaos, not the protestors. Money has been squandered bailing out Wall Street and fighting grossly immoral wars. Consequently, budget shortfalls in your own New York city  is forcing teachers, nurses, firemen and other vital public servants to face economic distress. How ironic! That same policeman who pepper-sprayed an innocent defenseless woman should have been thanking her instead for standing up for his well being! Meanwhile, your own New York City residents continue to fight foreclosures, loss of healthcare coverage, joblessness. The list goes on.
 Besides surely you can understand the anger and frustration of the protestors as there is no relief in sight. Only more of the same as the Democratic and Republican presidential contenders are only competing for the favor of the villainous Wall Street  CEO, banksters and corporations, with we the 99% just a mere afterthought. Prospects are dim from the Senate or the House. The grim reality is that our political system is failing us.
In the face of all this, you should commend the protestors for their peacefulness, discipline and restraint, no mean feat among such a disparate group. There is no burning of cars, rocks through windows or looting.
The fact is, Mr. Mayor,  you should be on the side of the protestors.  You should be on the side of freedom of _expression_ and the right to peacefully protest. So, I am counting on you not only to cooperate with these reasonable courageous protestors but also to protect them.
Michael Phillips,
Editor, Hot Calaloo
Author, Boycott Money and Save Your Soul
- Launching The Goodwill Revolution".
"Bring Our War $$$ Home" - Codepink



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