Let it be:


 Let lions be lions!


Have you witnessed or heard of a sheep complaining about what it's like being food for a carnivore? 


Let sheep be sheep!


What type of a God would have a lion lay down with a sheep?




~Kwasi Akyeampong



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  • Caricom

    Interesting questions. Since I have not had the opportunity to speak with a sheep, I cannot say that I have witnessed or heard a sheep complain about being food. But what I witnessed is the terror that spreads through a herd of animals being prepared for slaughter. They smell the blood. They hear the sounds their peers make as they are being killed. 

    It is impossible for me to believe that nothing negative happens to these animals body chemistry under such conditions. How does that impact my body as I prepare the meat and eat it? I don't know, but perhaps some of that negativity is neutralized by my prayers to the Most High, thanking him for my food and for the animals that gave up their lives so that I might live.

    My God seeks peace among men and animals. I am certain that His purpose will become reality and soon.

    Hope some of this helps respond to your interesting questions. Shalom, my brother.

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