Chokwe Lumumba, the former President, Attorney General, of The Republic of New Afrika; he is also the founder of NAPO and the man i have called "the best lawyer in the world," was recently elected to the City Council in Jackson, Mississippi.Jackson Mississsippi is located in the National Territory, as designated by the RNA. Don't know enough about these terms, "google" them, or come the the Khalifah Estates and buy the book: "Selected Writings of Khalifah: 1982 to 1992, 400 pages of book reviews, editorials and general reportings, including Atty. Chokwe Lumumba in the courtroom defending the commandos who engineered the escape of Assata Shakur from prison:

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  • Europe
    We have tried to get the book you mentioned which includes
    Chokwe's defence of those who helped Assata to escape.
    We have not been able to locate it, could you give us the
    details eg. ISBN number, correct Title, author etc. Thank you
    • DMV
      i am so sorry that i missed your e-mail back in july. I hope you have the book by now.If not send me $15 + 4 for shipping and i'll send it to you...........KHALIFAH, P O Box 9, Drewryville, VA 23844............Khalifah
      • Europe
        Thank you for your response. We have not been able to locate the book
        so far. When I got this message I tried to get an international money order
        but they were asking for information I couldn't provide.
        Have you got a PayPal account which I could use to pay?
        I live in Europe so the postage would be a lot more than you suggested.
        Thanks for your help.
        • DMV
          Yes I have a paypal account - send it to Thank you for your interest and consideration of the fact that it took so long for me to find your e-mail... you can send the appropriate postage. I think it is about $15 or so..................Khalifah
          • Europe
            Thank you. I have sent forty dollars through PayPal.
            If postage costs more than this please let me know.
            Thanks again.
            • DMV
              Thank you. I will mail it offf today. If postage is less, i'll send you a related book
  • Europe
    Wonderful news! Great work!! Congratulations to all
    who worked for this victory.
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