Learned (Programmed) Helplessness and Hopelessness

Junious Ricardo Stanton

            We are living in a time of rapid change and many of these changes are not for the better or our best. Change can be difficult for folks to process especially if they don’t feel they are in control of their lives or have any input in the changes going on around them.

              Today many Americans don’t feel in control of their lives and they are anxious about where and the way the country is headed. A Gallup Poll indicated serious concern and dissatisfaction for the way the nation is headed. “WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Americans' satisfaction with seven broad aspects of the way the country functions is collectively at its lowest in two decades of Gallup measurement. This includes satisfaction with the overall quality of life in the U.S., assessments of government, corporate and religious influence, and perceptions of the economic and moral climates. The average percentage satisfied with these seven dimensions has plunged to 39% at the start of 2021. That compares with 53% a year ago, the highest average in more than a decade amid strong economic confidence and before the coronavirus pandemic took hold in the U.S.” https://news.gallup.com/poll/329279/satisfaction-sinks-aspects-public-life.aspx

              It is not surprising there is rampant anxiety and fear. We have been and are being targeted by the media with a sophisticated campaign of psychological warfare, fear mongering and propaganda designed to induce personal and collective hysteria not just about COVID; but life in general. The media is programming us for a learned helplessness hopelessness syndrome. “According to the American Psychological Association, learned helplessness occurs when someone repeatedly faces uncontrollable, stressful situations, and then does not exercise control when it becomes available. They have ‘learned’ that they are helpless in that situation and no longer try to change it, even when change is possible. Once a person having this experience discovers that they cannot control events around them, they lose motivation. Even if an opportunity arises that allows the person to alter their circumstances, they do not take action. Individuals experiencing learned helplessness are often less able to make decisions. Learned helplessness can increase a person’s risk of depression.” What is learned helplessness https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/325355

            The billionaire oligarchs, their minions, puppets and useful idiots want us to think we are incapable of living, directing and controlling our own lives; they want us totally dependent on them for everything. They want us to believe “you can’t fight city hall”. They are like the Cyborgs in the Star Trek TV series who told the humans “resistance is futile”. The ruling elites want us cowering in abject fear, oblivious to and disconnected from our personal and collective power and potential. They want us to be non-thinking comatose Zombies, mindlessly obeying and conforming to their dictates, social norms and contrived “reality”.

            These psychopathic usurpers want total control over us. To accomplish their goal they must destroy our minds, stifle our innate creativity and reduce us to sniveling infantile creatures operating on the lowest frequencies driven by base drives that they easily manipulate for their benefit via their media. They are engaged in menticide: the deliberate harm injury and destruction of our minds. They are attempting to reduce us to mindless automatons.

             I am not going to go out like that. Those of us with eyes to see, who still have control of our minds, who refuse to bow down to their false idols and sell our DIVINE  BIRTHRIGHT for their mess of slop will not succumb to their helplessness hopelessness campaign. I have agency, I have life, I am animated by the GOD FORCE, I will never bow down or give in to the nefarious agenda of these psychopaths without a protracted struggle.

           We are neither hopeless nor helpless. We can think, we have imagination, we have power/energy, volition and we have the ability to fashion our own reality. Challenges and problems are a part of life. The only folks with no troubles are in the cemetery! We have been endowed by THE CREATOR with limitless resources to handle whatever life sends our way and to overcome and transcend even the consequences of our own erroneous thoughts and behavior! We are a powerful resilient people. We have the ability and power to define the world in our image, for us life and the world is what we say it is/can be. We don’t have to believe the lies the oligarchs’ media tell us.

           We are in the midst of a spiritual war between the forces of evil, workers of wickedness and ourselves. In this situation there is no neutrality no subtlety; you are either in the struggle or you’re collateral damage!  We can thwart the agenda of the usurpers. We can snap out of our induced lethargy, flip the switch, tap into our inner reserve/resources/resolve and take control of our lives. That’s the first step in breaking out of the learned helplessness hopelessness syndrome.




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