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latest violence in chicago and new orleans: possible campaign of state-sponsored terror?

revolutionary greetings,

immediately after world war two, underground forces called stay-behinds, at the behest of french intelligence and amerikkka's cia, conducted terror campaigns in italy dubbed operation gladio. they would strike at random in open society, as for instance in a crowd of people otherwise referred to as organized chaos or strategy of tension. the effect was to cause fear through terror. such fear would steer the people into turning to the state for remedy. that gave the state the excuse to implement government mandates that it saw fit to create a fascist state such as the one control by mussolini in pre-war italy. get it!

the people, who unbeknownst to them - having been so terrorized - fall right into the trap of things and find themselves enslaved by the ruling class who operate under various names such as the jacob group, club of rome, knights of malta, and bilderberg, and now the european union. the people loose all sense of self, self-rights, constitutional, and their so-called freedoms. that was the european version through organized chaos cause by state-sponsored terror, which would never be believed by the people because they have put their faiths in a system that pretends to come to their rescue.

from where did the state develop its methodical ideology? from nineteenth century philosoper fredrich hegel, who formulated a dialectic that calls for thesis + anti-thesis = synthesis, the hegelian dialectic. in other words, to be effective in order to control the people within the jurisdiction of a state, you create a boogie man, project him as the bad guy, villain, or evil, then come to the people's rescue - in a militarized fashion - as the good guy, or hero fed to the people through the various forms of media communication. all without the people suspecting anything.

now, taking in all the above, let us consider the recent spate of violence in chicago and new orleans. the same patterns manifest themselves. the only difference is that in chicago the area in which the violence has taken place is where afrikans-n-amerikkka are segregated without any economic infrastructure with which to sustain themselves. the pre-july early morning so-called shootout in the famous french quarter of new orleans rings of special interest. how is it that - as we are told by the corporate-controlled media - that two persons could get into a shootout miss each other but hit nine other people? the unsuspecting would respond by saying that they didn't know how to shoot straight, because they have been so inoculated by the violent terror gunz.

from the perspective of operation gladio, united snakkkes style, that would be a classic job of state-sponsored terrorism - the bad guys with guns killing people versus the good guys in the guise of the p.i.g.s. - in order to scare the people into submission, their enslavement at the hands of the white ruling class from whom the cia takes it protocol.

in chicago, street tribes - the bad guys - appear to be the driving force behind the bulk of the gun violence, to be combated by the p.i.g. force or good guys in uniform who serve-n-protect.

a critical angle of the spate of shootings over the so-called fourth of july weekend fits the operation of an amerikkkanized gladio, a mass of state-sponsored terror to create an atmosphere of fear in order to herd the people into going along with a police state, which seeks to control the ownership of firearms and whereby martial law can be declared at a whim without no resistance.

that's just a synopsis of what so-called black-on-black crime can be employed to serve as a mechanism of gladio operations called a strategy of tension or organized chaos.


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