King's Words Expose AmeriKKKa

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                                                Junious Ricardo Stanton

                                          King’s Words Expose AmeriKKKa


“One of the most persistent ambiguities that we face is that everybody talks about peace as a goal. However it does not take the sharpest eyed sophistication to discern that while everybody talks about peace, peace has become practically nobody’s business among the power wielders. Many men cry Peace! But they refuse to do the things that make for peace.” Martin Luther King Jr.


            When his murder was ordered and carried out by elements within the US government, Martin Luther King Jr was engaged in a protracted struggle to secure human rights for the masses of Americans and a campaign to stop the US imperialist and genocidal war in Southeast Asia. Among the notable white clergy of that day, like Norman Vincent Peale, Bishop Fulton Sheen, Billy Graham and others on those critical issues, King stood alone. His peers remained silent giving tacit accent to the evil going on around them.

            King was asked to come to Memphis Tennessee to support striking sanitation works who were demanding a living wage. The workers were mostly Black and their union was stymied in their negotiations with the city administration. Simultaneously King was preparing for his national  Poor Peoples Campaign to organize and mobilize thousands of poor people to converge on Washington to bring attention to the plight of unemployed, under employed, under paid and poverty stricken people of all colors.  King recognized the insidious nexus between the war in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia) waged against mostly brown and yellow people by an imperialist army made up of lower class White, Black and Brown people, an economy increasingly expending its resources on war and the glaring poverty at home.

King and his staff were making headway galvanizing people to support the Poor People’s Campaign and their call for an equitable redistribution of wealth. Speaking of poverty in  American King said, “All too many of those who live in affluent America ignore those who exist in poor America; in doing so the affluent Americans will eventually have to face themselves with the question that Eichmann chose to ignore: How responsible am I for the well-being of my fellow? To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it.” From, The Words of Martin Luther King Jr. Selected and With an Introduction by Coretta Scott King Newmarket Press 1984 page 18

            For his calls for an end to the Vietnam War, new American values and for a more equitable distribution of wealth, King was killed. The same mentality and values that motivated the ruling elites to wage that war, the same megalomania, callousness and greed that existed then exists now, even more so. King knew intuitively America was in moral decline and said so publically. King’s articulation went against the popular narrative and justification of evil commonly known as “American exceptionalism” which says, America is special, America is beyond the pale of moral judgment and no one can stand in her way. At the root of American exceptionalism is European psychopathy that results in genocide, ecocide and perpetual war.

            King prophesied America’s deepening moral decline when he said, “Mammoth productive facilities with computer minds, cities that engulf the landscape and pierce the clouds, planes that almost outrace time – these are awesome, but they cannot be spiritually inspiring. Nothing in our glittering technology can raise man to new heights because material growth has been made an end in itself. And, in the absence of moral purpose, man himself becomes smaller and the works of man become bigger. Gargantuan industry and government, woven into an intricate computerized mechanism, leave the person outside. The sense of participation is lost, the feeling that ordinary individuals influence important decisions vanishes and man becomes separated and diminished.” Ibid page 19

            King articulated the very essence of Western man’s dilemma, his deepening sense of alienation from himself and all creation, the loss of his humanity, his oblivion of his divinity and steady degeneration into a mindless, soulless automaton. The US in particular and the West in general have become like the Cyborgs in their science fiction movies and television shows, more machine than human. Sadly we are witnessing more and more of this every day.

            What would King say about Barack Obama a “Nobel Peace Prize” winner, continuing the warmonger legacy of his predecessor George W. Bush? What would King say about Obama’s new wars and the bombing innocent people with drone technology? What would King say about the bourgeoning wealth and income gaps in this country? What would King say about the apathy and numbness of the masses, the moral deafness, blindness and muted voices of the so called leaders? What would he say about the bulging bank accounts of the clergy and their silence against the atrocities committed around the world by the American empire?  King stood pretty much alone opposing those conditions when he was alive; today we have no one with King’s charisma and moral vision and the moral purification of this nation worsens every day. Once King remarked to Harry Belafonte he feared he was trying to integrate Blacks into a burning building .That was in 1968; what would King say about America if he were alive today?

By all accounts the United States is morally bankrupt. This nation was always driven by the criminality of the ruling elites and the trading companies (corporations) that founded it like: genocide, slavery and greed. The ruling elites manipulated the masses into doing their bidding no matter the consequences.  So slaughtering people, animals and defiling the environment for profit and thrills were deemed “progress”, ideal values to be embraced and emulated. The result of this mentality is the US is a criminogenic banana republic, a nation ruled by psychopaths, criminals and degenerates.

 A recent report by the Center for Responsive Politics revealed the current US Congress and Senate are stocked with millionaires whose fortunes have increased yearly while the fortunes of most Americans are heading in the opposite direction! These legislators supposedly represent the people and make the laws to benefit the whole but their actions are making them richer and richer while their actions leave us poorer by the day. You can see the steady grow in their wealth in the graph from I’ve provided.

The Website states, “Of 534 current members of Congress, at least 268 had an average net worth of $1 million or more in 2012, according to disclosures filed last year by all members of Congress and candidates. The median net worth for the 530 current lawmakers who were in Congress as of the May filing deadline was $1,008,767 -- an increase from the previous year when it was $966,000. In addition, at least one of the members elected since then, Rep. Katherine Clark(D-Mass.), is a millionaire, according to forms she filed as a candidate. (There is currently one vacancy in Congress.) Last year only 257 members, or about 48 percent of lawmakers, had a median net worth of at least $1 million. 

Members of Congress have long been far wealthier than the typical American, but the fact that now a majority of members -- albeit just a hair over 50 percent -- are millionaires represents a watershed moment at a time when lawmakers are debating issues like unemployment benefits, food stamps and the minimum wage, which affect people with far fewer resources, as well as considering an overhaul of the tax code…  Similarly, the median net worth for all senators increased to $2.7 million from $2.5 million, but in that body it was the Republicans who were better-off. Senate Democrats reported a median net worth of $1.7 million (a decline from 2011's $2.4million), compared to Senate Republicans, at $2.9 million (an increase from $2.5 million).”

Based upon these facts and figures, the massive disconnect between Congress and ordinary Americans makes complete sense. It speaks volumes about the values and real motives of those who “serve” in government. The system’s widespread corruption is so obvious it is no longer possible to keep it a secret. The question is, since it’s clear these politicians no longer serve us, who are they serving, and whose side are they really on? It appears most have made deals with corporate devils to get where they are and now they are lining their pockets at our expense. In America greed, corruption and avarice are promoted and rewarded while honesty, compassion and altruism are ostracized.

King’s words shed insight and light on what is happening today. He said, “The physical casualties of the war in Vietnam (we can substitute the words War on Terror) are not alone the catastrophes. The causalities of principles and values are equally disastrous and injurious. Indeed they are ultimately more harmful because they are self-perpetuating. If the casualties of principle are not healed, the physical casualties will continue to mount.”  Ibid page 86

The casualties of principle King spoke of and the parallel moral rot are spreading like wildfire. They have metastasized from top to bottom throughout the whole society. It is evident in our values and behavior whether in high rise corporate suites or high rise housing projects. The affect of this ethical decay is everywhere, it permeates the whole culture. Only the comatose and self-deluded cannot see and feel America is on the verge of moral and economic implosion.

Woe to America and the world if this pattern continues. As slaveholder, rapist pedophile and third US President Thomas Jefferson wrote, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that god is just and his justice cannot sleep forever.”




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    "King knew intuitively America was in moral decline and said so publically. King’s articulation went against the popular narrative and justification of evil commonly known as “American exceptionalism” which says, America is special, America is beyond the pale of moral judgment and no one can stand in her way. At the root of American exceptionalism is European psychopathy that results in genocide, ecocide and perpetual war...Only the comatose and self-deluded cannot see and feel America is on the verge of moral and economic implosion."


    Every Black Person in the US should read Stanton's article and then ask, "Why the Hell do we need to stay in this country that holds us captive and in which we have no voice?"

    There is but one solution to our dilemma.  We need to get rid of this White Man's god, and find the same CREATOR GOD that Delivered the Children of Israel out of Egyptian captivity.  Then we must demand Reparations for the heinous and cruel Slave Trade and establish better lives elsewhere for our progeny, i.e., if we want to see Blacks prosper in this world as a ruling power. 

    It's only Blacks who are happy with whatever status quo the White Man lays upon us; his cruelty, his discrimination, his misguided education, his hatred of Blacks, and his religion that keeps us walking backwards, and his Ghettoes maintain our places in darkness.  And we have not awakened yet to the fact that things will not get any better for us while we are in his land and under his control.

    Consider the following link, as it pertains to those of us sick and tired of being at the bottom of the totem pole and under the control of another people:

    2014 Reparation Conference- A Great Success & Playing Around The Clock 


    Playing Around The Clock 

    The 2014 Harambee Reparation Marathon
    Presented by
    Dr. Chenzira
    Dr. Professor David Horne
    A radio station for people who take freedom and education seriously. (Free)




  • Caricom

    Brother King has done a great job of identifying the symptoms of the disease that afflicts this planet. Unfortunately, he, as well as many other great thinkers, black and white, miss getting to the root cause of it all. A book written long ago, now virtually ignored in this materialistic isolation of illusionary life. This book tells us the truth, if we would but connect the dots.

    For those of us who continue to have confidence in the Word of God, allow me to share the pegs we can connect together. First, Yahshua (popularly known as Jesus) predicted the destruction of Jerusalem, the temple and the nation of Israel. A few years later, that is exactly what happened. He also mentioned that this destruction would mark a unique period in mankind's history, called the "Gentile Times". (Luke 21:20,21) This was the beginning of white Western domination of the earth.

    Later, John wrote in the Revelation that there would be a war in heaven between Yahshua and his angels and Satan and his angels. Satan would lose that war and would be isolated to the earth. The account goes on to state, "Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down to you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time." - Rev.12:12. Could this eviction coincide with the destruction of the nation of Israel?

    Now, the devil hates God and all those who obey Him. However, he can no longer have access to the heavens. So who does he turn his attention to? Of course, God's "chosen people", Israel.

    But wait! Yahshua said that at the destruction of Jerusalem, God's "chosen people" would be scattered from one end of the earth to the other. Historians have confirmed that scattering actually did take place.

    Where were God's people scattered? Literally earth-wide, including all over the interior of Africa where millions of them were scooped up in the Transatlantic Slave Trade and brought to America to experience a most unique form of slavery graphically described in at Deuteronomy 28:15-68.

    God's "chosen people", Israel in exile, is under a prophetic curse in America that was uttered almost 3,500 years ago. Read it for yourself and see if any of it resonates with you.

    The good news is that our deliverance is getting near. Genesis 15:13, 14 tells us how long we will be afflicted, how our God will judge this nation and that we will leave with great riches. Read it for yourself, then google to find out how long chattel slavery has existed in America.

    Now you know who you are, where you came from, why you are catching Hell in America, what will happen to America and that you have a bright, glorious and wonderful future as the "chosen people of God" - Israel.

    Bath in that glorious understanding of who you really are. No wonder they work so hard to deny your history and pretend that you did not exist before slavery! This knowledge answers so many questions, we should rejoice, my brothers.

    Unfortunately, our religious leadership will never preach these things in our churches of "christianity insanity" because the church is now a big business and the business of America is business.

    Fortunately, this puts the burden of responsibility for your salvation in your hands, not in your preachers. Somewhere it is written that we are to "work out our salvation with fear and trembling", right? The failure of the church to address the spiritual needs of the people is now obvious. Now, we understand why. It is not God's true church. Yahshua said somewhere that you could judge a tree by the fruit it bore. What has been the fruit of "christianity insanity'?

    Let's see: War, hunger, poverty, enslavement, mass murder, genocide, rape, pollution of the planet, etc. All perpetrated by "christianity insanity". Hardly godly.

    Since we cannot trust our religious leaders, we must accept the responsibility for our salvation personally, because when we face the Creator, the minister, rabbi, imam, priest or guru will not be there with you.

    Nope, this is one-on-one. You and God. Enjoy the read and the critical thinking that I hope this has encouraged. Shalom, my brothers and sisters. Shalom.

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