[following is my commentary in response to President of the Black Farmers Association, John Boyd’s letter regarding the help of U. S. President Barack Obama’s signing a bill to authorize the payment of $1 Billion to black farmers to settle a lawsuit. It is quite energizing: so are castigating him/Obama for not repairing all Black Farmers; and saying that the settlement actually results in the loss of some 1.5 million acres of Black owned land. On the other hand, folk like me are saying that whatever the amount is, and for whatever reason Obama signed the bill, we too can find reason to use it to further our cause: so long as we stay the course that historical Black Leaders have defined and set us in doctrine to win our Freedom/Reparations…Meanwhile we have always had inside “the system” warriors, like John Boyd that won incremental gains for Black people: when we have a certain degree of Understanding we use the resulting Wisdom to us the incremental gain to continue the struggle for Freedom, Justice & Equality: the John Boyd letter follows my own]


Greetings Everyone:

I hope everyone is successfully preparing for the Changes occurring (it truly "Occupies Everywhere"), as the Harvest of the 2011 Solar Cycle give way to the Winter Solstice, those of us who are mindful of the guidance inscribed by our Ancestors on Ancient Kemitian on stone edifices are harvesting our Spiritual as well as Physical crops for the year. 

          We are now prepared for the Final Judgment we must make regarding what to carry through the winter for planting in the next for the letter written by the President of my Farm Association, nothing i can add to the actuality of the agreement that he wrote "enthusiastically" about.

       I will say that it was I, as Host,  who had Mr. John Boyd as a Guest Speaker at the 1998 N'COBRA Conference: from there, repair of Black Farmers was added to the "Ten Down Payment Demands" of The National Coalition of Blacks For Reparations in America (N'COBRA). 

        While the agreement is certainly not Reparations; and true, it leaves Farmers such as i am "high and dry," contrary to President Barack Obama, John Boyd is a warrior within the American Jurisprudence, and otherwise, System. Unfortunately, too often, we confuse warriors in "the system" with those of us warriors who struggle mightily to build "Independent Systems out of 'the system.'"

        My demarcation of Black warriors are an effort to move this discussion AWAY from the DISTRACTION from the goal (Freedom, Justice & Equality). The "experimental social system" called the United States of America could not give us that goal even if the rulers wanted to - freedom for Black people is simply not a part of their mental faculties: the more we discuss, and beat up on them WITHOUT offering viable solutions, it only serves them well by preventing doing our Self-Determination work. It is a work to repair us to wholeness, not in parts...

        John Boyd, a inside "the system" Black Leader/warrior got 'something' for his long war from inside the system: How many other inside the system warriors have gotten 'something' to show for their labor? PLENTY, Dr. Martin Luther King, Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, A Phillip Randolph, Rev. John H. Scott, to name a few dead ones...on the other hand how many Black nationalist, and others who struggle for the Freedom, Justice and Equality that can only come by the establishment of alternative social system to the "experiment in White Supremacist" based ones? PLENTY, which includes showing the "d" evil what would happen if he didn't give the inside Black warriors 'something.'

          The best that i can sum up about the work of inside the system Black warriors, it makes it easier to live struggle going forth for us all. We know the "system" Rulers are using the inside the system Black warriors, but when the outside the system Black warriors possess a certain degree of UNDERSTANDING, we use them tooooooo, for different reasons because our WISDOM from the understanding will not allow us to be distracted....


          Finally As a Elder Black Farmer, surrounded by mostly senior to me Black Farmers, i hesitate to offer any solutions here, for it may sound self serving: But WE ARE ALL AT RISK - a risk that the contributors to the list can do something about: this is contrary to what any of us CAN DO about the accomplishments of John Boyd and the Black Farmers Association: anyone wanting more information about my/our situation go to or listen to my Status Update About the Birth Land of Nat Turner: Monday on the Nat Turner Library at call in number is

 424-258-9279 - 8pm




President Obama Important Role in Achieving Justice for Black Farmers

December 15, 2011

My name is John Boyd and I am the great grandson of a slave and the grandson of a sharecropper.

In 1984, I bought a farm from another African-American farmer named Russell Sallie, who was forced to sell his property when the U.S. Department of Agriculture began foreclosure procedures on it. As a black farm owner I spent many years battling discrimination by the USDA, and fought hard for the passage of legislation which would compensate black farmers who had suffered under the USDA’s discriminatory practices.

It was a long and often lonely battle, until I met a young Senator from Illinois, named Barack Obama.
I approached Senator Obama and said to him, œI need your help with the black farmers bill.â€� He took an interest in the situation, and wanted to hear from me about the discrimination that black farmers faced. He genuinely cared about what I had to say.

After our conversation, Senator Obama became one of the leaders on this issue, sponsoring the Pigford Claims Remedy Act in 2007. Eventually, Congress passed $100 million in funding for payments to late filers and called for a new cause of action for tens of thousands of black farmers who never had their cases heard. But even after the bill was passed, we continued to face an uphill battle to obtain enough funding for the thousands of black farmers who had suffered because of discrimination.

As President, Barack Obama continued to fight for black farmers, and on December 8th, 2010, he signed legislation that would give $1.25 billion in compensation to black farmers. I had the privilege of representing the nation’s African-American farmers in the room the day he signed the bill. And when the President embraced me, I felt like he was embracing all those who were affected by the unjust policies of the USDA.

When I think about the day I met then Senator Barack Obama, I realize that he could have ignored us like so many other senators and presidents before him. But he did the right thing, both as a senator, and as president, and helped end 30 years of injustice for our nations’ black farmers. And is a clear example of how the President is committed to resolving injustices and moving our country in the right direction.

That’s why I am committed to standing with the President to pass the job’s plan and help get all Americans back to work. Because if it can be done for black farmers, I believe it can be done for the good of the entire nation. And nothing could be more important at this moment for the African-American community and for all Americans than to pass the job’s bill.

John W. Boyd, Jr.

Baskerville, Virginia

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