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OCTOBER 10, 2011

NAT TURNER LIBRARY: SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA -  UBUS Communications Systems is celebrating 38 years of “Publishing, Printing and Distributing” some of the most vital, perennial, bestselling  books in the history of Black people in the United States of America.

          Among the some 600 titles United Brothers and United Sisters have published since its founding at 136th Street and 7th Ave., Harlem, N. Y.  in 1973 are: Developmental Psychology of the Black Child, Mis-Education of the Negro, Message to the Blackman in America, Stolen Legacy and From Niggahs to Gods.

     Some the millions of books it has distributed over the years are: The Blackman’s Guide to Understanding the Blackman, Flyy Girl, Destruction of Black Civilization & the Willie Lynch Letters & Torchlight for America. The recently published titles are: Herman Ferguson: The Unlikely Warrior, The Acquisition and Proper Use of Power & a 600 page great thoroughly researched book called The Condemnation of the God Damn Nigger.”



          After publishing the first dozen titles, the Founder and CEO of the company, H. Khalif Khalifah, moved to Newport News, Virginia. A retail store was opened at Hampton University in 1990; From H.U. in 1993, they moved into their own 10,000 sq. ft commercial building in downtown Hampton, VA.

There they opened the following retail stores under one roof: Health Food, Printing shop, Computer University (one-to-one training in internet technology); and what maybe the most important of all, Harambee Home School (a private school from K through high school).

          When legendary Educator and Black nationalist, Dr. Imari A. Obadela organized N’COBRA (The National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America), Khalifah Joined and opened one of the most productive chapters: Newport News/Hampton. Minister Louis Farrakhan made the call for the Million Man March in 1995, N’COBRA endorsed it and appointed Khalifah as the Liaison to The March. UBUS was established as the place to go for both Movements in the area.

          Some historic services were rendered to Black people in America from the bookstore: N’COBRA received a multitude of new members, as many of the Black men on 42 bus who left the Virginia Peninsula signed up to join the Demand for Reparations for “Past” and present slavery rendered in the U. S. A. (recruiting for N'COBRA was done when it became clear to Khalifah that they were not being signedinto the Nation of Islam.

UBUS Books & Things was also the headquarters for the “Independent Black Writers.” Not only did so-called Self-Published Black Writers earn tens of thousands of dollars over the years for their work, UBUS also hosted the annual awards programs known as “Black Book Awards for Excellence in Black Literature.”



          In 1998 the family moved to a 123 acre tract that was part of the birth land of Black Nationalist Freedom Fighter, Nat Turner in 1831. A Black buyer was not found, but the building was sold so the business continued in Southampton County. The work in service also continued, but “we were always hoping to find someone who’d re-establish the UBUS brand on the Virginia Peninsula.” Said Khalifah in a recent interview.

          “That ‘someone’ to carry on in the tradition we be begun was found at the 2011 Black Book Awards when Terrance Moore-El accepted to the challenge.” Continued Khalifah.

 The “Managing Partner,” Terrance Moore-El will open “UBUS BOOKS PLUS” this coming Friday, October 14, 2011. The Grand Re-Opening is a planned event for National Weekend Day of Atonement, that marks the 16th since the MMM.

Terrance Moore-El understands very well the historic place and responsibility he finds himself in. So he is showing great recognition to the Landmark status  UBUS gained in organizing the Va. Peninsula for The Million Man March, N’COBRA as well as the work done for the Literary needs of The National Black Community.

          Calling what UBUS meant to the historic period of the 1990’s  a Landmark, maybe too early, but it is certainly not too soon to commemorate the period along with the 16th anniversary of the Million Man March and the Grand Re-Opening of UBUS BOOKS AND THINGS PLUS.

           In  fact there is some discussion about calling the thousands that UBUS served back  to the area for a Re-Union. That is certainly a tall order. But if you would like to see such an eventul day for recognition for a precious part of contemporary Black History, call 434-378-2140 or 757-643-3854 to make your feeling known.

Or go to facebook and let Khalifah know directly at If you are interested in the Publishing, Printing or Distribution services of UBUS Communications Systems to go


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