Keep Your Boat Until Your Yacht Comes In

Many men and women hate to "be alone" so they involve themselves with useless people and stubbornly refuse to let those people go on out of their lives. Their philosophy is that it is best to hang onto Mr./Ms. Right Now until you meet Mr./Ms. Right.

I believe that is foolish thinking. I believe a long-term dalliance with someone you KNOW is wrong for you creates more problems than it solves - drama and often children with an idiot.

Hanging onto and involving yourself long-term with someone you KNOW is wrong for you also prevents you from being fully available for the right person when they come along.

I arrived at this thinking after a conversation with my uncle's wife when I was about 19. I wanted to dump the guy I was dating because he had proved himself to be untrustworthy and just dumb. Aunty was telling me he "wasn't that bad" and I should keep dating him until I found someone else. Her logic was "keep your boat until your yacht comes in!"

I then said to her "but Aunty Helen, the yacht can't get to dock because the boat is in the way!" I remember her astonished face.

To me, its smart to never allow a mere boat get in the way of your yacht having full and clear access to dock... never allow a waste of time relationship to keep your attention to tie up your energy and misdirect your focus so that you can't guide that yacht to the safety of your harbor, the comfort of your arms and the warmth of your loving heart.

That is all.


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