Keep It Light in 2023

Keep It Light in 2023

Junious Ricardo Stanton




Keep It Light in 2023

Junious Ricardo Stanton



            As we enter this New Year, let’s work to improve our lives, our health, our wellbeing, our relationships, our community and prosperity during the coming year. We are living in tumultuous times; we are bombarded with negative energy, images, words, propaganda and indoctrination designed to make us afraid, pliable and submissive yet remain unaware of an agenda created by people who do not have our best interests at heart. We are programmed to vibrate and resonate on lower, more negative vibratory frequencies and it is negatively impacting our health and well being.

            We are being conditioned and programmed to exist in reactionary mode rather than living on purpose, with intention and enthusiasm. We are doing an horrendous disservice to ourselves, our ancestors, our progeny and THE CREATOR when we acquiesce to the malevolent agenda of the psychopaths who want to control this world. We have an obligation to ourselves not to fall for these misanthropes’ okey-doke and live our lives in ways that dishonor the real reason we came to this plane and fail to accomplish the great work we were created to do!

            We live in a social environment that is not only too materialistic but one that is aspiritual, unethical and immoral. This is having a lethal affect on us mentally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. We can do better. But in order to do better we have to believe and determined that we want to do and be healthier, better, wiser, more loving and more prosperous.

            We are not helpless or powerless. We have agency and we have the will and the ability to change. Every day provides a new opportunity for us to actualize our potential and become our truest greatest self. We have the blueprint and roadmap to do it. Our ancient African ancestors along the Nile Valley left us a guide, “A fundamental principle of Kamitic spirituality is that the well being of the mind, body and life force (the soul) depends on the vitality and equilibrium of the life force.” Ra Un Nefer Amen Kamitic Success Achieving Health, Wealth and Happiness Through The Ageless Teachings of Ancient Egypt page 47.

            How do we bolster and invigorate our life force? What is the life force anyway? Our life force is the animating energy that enlivens us, allows us to be alive, think, visualize, move, do and accomplish. Our life force is pure energy and consciousness and like all energy there are varying levels of potency. The Life Force comes from THE CREATOR it is the “breath of life” infused in us upon conception and jump started when we take our first breaths outside of our mother’s womb. When we take our last breath the Life Force leaves the physical body to return to THE SOURCE.

           While we are alive, the Life Force can wax and wane depending on various factors such as the type and quality of food we eat, our physical and psychological environment and the thoughts we think which trigger emotional responses! The Life Force contains its own intelligence designed to keep the physical body healthy, protect it from harm and heal it when it is injured. It does this without any conscious input from us. The Africans of Kongo called the healing aspect of us, “the self-healing power”. I suggest you get a copy or read Self-Healing Power and Therapy Old Teachings from Africa by the late Kimbwandende Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau published by Vantage Press to see the full implications of this essential part of ourselves. It tells us how to repair and energize it when it wanes.

            The Nile Valley teachings which predate the Kongo wisdom teachings by thousands of years also educate us how to keep this part of ourselves energized and positive by regulating our breathing, our thoughts, emotions, words and actions (behavior). “Every thought has two components; a thought and energy. The thought calls up and directs the energy. Everyone that has failed at mastering their emotions make the attempt to change the energy instead of the thought. The fundamental reason resides in the human self-image concept which includes the belief that emotions are natural and to deny them expression is therefore unnatural and harmful.” Kamitic Success Achieving Health Wealth and Happiness Through The Ageless Teachings of Ancient Egypt Ra Un Nefer Amen page 48.

            In essence the timeless wisdom of our African ancestors taught us we can control our thoughts and consequently our emotions; to raise our Life Force and enhance it’s healing and sustaining powers. How? By proper breathing, eating nutritious foods, keeping hydrated, getting ample sleep and rest, monitoring our thoughts, mental images and ideation and substituting any thoughts of self-negation, anger, envy, hatred and harm to self with thoughts of self love, healing, health, and positivity. This is what our Ancient Nile Valley ancestors meant when they said “have a heart as light as a feather”; no worries, no fears, no anger or negative emotions, be of good character in life. Then when one makes transition his or her heart will be light and he or she will pass into the higher realms exalted and honored.

            We can do this we have the innate power to elevate our thinking, our consciousness and our emotions thereby changing our lives for the better. Keep it light in 2023.




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