The 21st Century Belongs to the Youth!!!

World Afrikan Diaspora Union (WADU)

State of the Race Youth Conference

Also With Global African Leaders –Ambassadors, Ministers, Activists, Intellectuals…

Join us to Stop the New Scramble & Re-Colonization of our Homeland, Africa to

forge forward the Pan African “Decades for Development”.

Friday (Feb. 24) Tell Your Representatives to “Hands off Africa” for Peace, Jobs & Justice…

Saturday, February 25, 2012, Washington, D.C.

Contact Sister Iminah ( for more information - She is the WADU Georgia Youth Commissioner. A recent graduate of Spelman College in Political Science, she is also a radio journalist and has represented WADUGA and WADU in a number of African Union Diaspora and other Diaspora meetings. Ras Daryl Co-coordinator in WDC. Also you can contact WADU Diaspora Office in NYC – 718-523-3312/WADUPAM.ORG

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