It seems children are interacted with as dogs (pets) or at worst as computers. Behave. Sit. Print. Do your homework. Come. Delete.
A perfect child (or lover) is my pet, my baby, my darling, my angel - no bother, just perfect, fine and dandy.


Children aren't always programmable as dogs and computers, the perfect child. It's best to have a pet, a pocket pooch or a carriage pooch than baby with demands.


 (Give the child a pet so he learns responsibility, they said.) The pet - substitute for being with human beings.


Sadly, pets that no longer follow the program (orders and commands) are abandoned or recycled like computer and likewise many children are abandoned, recycle and some sadly end up in landfills and the landscaped of life.


I wonder why there are more pets and computers than children.


As a child I practiced on a pet or my perfect imaginary friend.
Today I'd practices on a computer, and, it doesn't demand affection.


by Kwasi Akyeampong





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