Is there GoodNews in BadNews?

Bad News - Good News! Did y'all read the Money & Power Silicon Valley article in the Feb 2016 Essence?
Did y'all get it when Angelica Coleman was accrued of being antisocial because she did wanna get a tone or get her hair a blowout? What about the dropbox executive who told her she had no chance of being anything but an admin with the company? BadNews, white folks just don't get it, We have aspirations that mirror our educational qualifications too. At the same time, it seems that our "educated class" still hasn't read Carter G. Woodson, The Miseducation of the Negro and/or they still believe in the illusion of inclusion.
GoodNews, some of our "educated class" members are getting' life's lesson and hopefully are coming home to help build our nation. We need tech engineers and programmers to help with our nation, which won't rob New Afrikans of opportunity. We need game designers and program analysts as We build a nation behind contradiction and better than any yet known. We, all New Afrikans, simply have to that We can achieve whatever We can conceive.

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