Greetings all. 

This appeal may seem like another internet rant to some, perhaps prophetic to some, and then maybe just another good "droppin knowledge" by others.  Either way, it is designed to get us Black/African people (I use Black and African interchangeably to notate both descendants of enslaved Africans and Continental Africans) to save ourselves...because no one else will!

In the last few years, we've seen every single "conscious" Black/African person on social media "exposed" or "discredited' by another Black social media person who has "beef" or personal issues with said person.  Meanwhile, back in the real world... racist, anti-Black law enforcement are accelerating their murder of our people in every corner of the earth they can...not just the United States!  Don't  believe me, ask the African/Black folks in Europe! Additionally, Black folks from the Arab-dominated areas of Africa and "the middle East", back to the Western nations are being harassed, disrespected, and, whenever expedient for the forces of Anti-African supremacy to do so...murdered!

While the above process of extermination is occurring, let's take a look at what so-called "conscious" or so-called "woke" Black/African folks are doing.

1. Analyzing, dissecting, and reanalyzing  White and Eur-Asian society to tell us what we already know...that "they hate us" and we allegedly don't realize that "they hate us".

2. Our "best and brightest" African/Black folks are actually being re-warded for disrespecting their own African/Black folks by the respective anti-African societies in which they live! 

3. Black men and Black women (especially here in the United States) take to YouTube, Facebook, and any other social media platform they can, so they can disrespect each other and each blame the opposite gender for the "state of the Black world" today...while IGNORING the positive, RELATIONSHIP HEALING, Black/African relationship AND MARRIAGE counselors on this same platforms!  These sellouts are promoting themselves by SELLING DISPAIR to their Black/African men and women. The money they get for doing this appears to help them ignore meaningful solutions...assuming they even care for solutions!

4. Our "conscious" and "woke" Black/African folks are spending hundreds of hours per week to psychoanalyze the Black Panther Movie and any other form of media about or by Black folks...more than willing to point out the "propaganda" and the other things "wrong" with the movie...while doing nothing...on a group-based level, to help make things RIGHT in the Black/African community!

5. Most of the Black folks who righteously & publicly oppose the assimilationist Black/African folks are such abrasive,  fault-finding, quarrelsome, egotistical, profanity spewing brawlers, they will be fortunate to form a group of 10 people who are willing to actually work with them!

6.   Too much of the remainder just don't see saving their very lives from the obvious genocide we face as a priority!

I could go on, but the above behavior is enough for me to summarize what's wrong with the majority of our (Black/African) people, as it relates to finding SOLUTIONS to our collective problems.  The summary is as follows:

Too many of us are not willing to cooperative work within an ORGANIZED system of Black/African folks of high spiritual & moral character, who are willing to sacrifice their skill set, their time, and money... their not just the uplift of Black/African people...but even to our survival!

So to understand Why I am a member of THE One Million Conscious & Conscientious Black Contributors & Voters...known as THE One Million for must understand the above situation we are in.  However, to DO something about the situation we are in, you must ask yourself the question:

Is the uplift, dignity, rightful place...even the SURVIVAL of Black/African people worth your money and commitment?  Based upon the failure to place what's important at the top of our list of daily activities, it's sadly obvious that the answer for many of us is "no"!

However, I'm not ready to die just yet.  I don't want my son to either.  I'm  not ready to give in to despair, a life of servitude to infighting and anti-Black/anti-African supremacy...a living death!  If you feel like I feel, then you may be willing to actually DO something about it.  You may be "one of the million".  If THE One Million is unworthy of your money and commitment...what organized movement organization IS?

If you can find none other that is worthy, then support our COO fundraiser initiative, join our movement, roll up your sleeves and let's go to work...we don't have much time:

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  • Caricom

    One cannot solve a problem without exposing the root cause. Out of ignorance, lack of faith, or pure skepticism most Black people focus on symptoms and ignore the search for root cause.

    We are a "cursed" people who will never free ourselves, no matter how noble the cause. The root cause is we are an offense to the Most High due to failing to obey his commandments. It is really that simple. 

    Of course the remedy is just as simple, however, applying it in our lives requires faith and confidence is the promises of the Most High. Obedience is the key.

    Obedience to what? Well, the Laws of God our ancestors swore to obey or suffer the consequences. The reneged on their promise and we are suffering the consequences, family.

    Who has the "eyes" to see and the "ears" to hear? Who has the heart to love the Most High with all our heart, soul, strength and might? I can only tell you on a personal level the remedy actually works. When I decided to stop doing things my way and turned to doing things the way the Most High commanded, things began to change for the better.

    As time as gone by and I continue to study the Law of the Most High, meditate on their lessons, apply them to my life with sincerity and consistency, the blessings have come my way, as promised. I beg my black Hebrew brothers and sisters, try it - you might find enjoy the refreshing change that pursue you. Shalom dear ones.

    • With respect:

      1. We have Black/African folks who think we are the original Hebrews

      2. We have Black/African folks who think we are only "moors" 

      3. Even Black folks who think we are the original Arabs and originators of Islam, simply because Mohammed was of mixed African-Asian ancestors.

      What do they all have in common?  They are all of the Western Diaspora of Black folks with a shared enslavement experience here in the United States that included being taught to hate anything and everything thought of as genetically and culturally African and having the public practice of their cultural and religious believes brutalized and murdered out of them, whenever and wherever the enslaver was powerful enough to do so.

      I'm a very spiritual and even a very religious man, but no, I don't believe we are the original Hebrews and I don't believe that God is showing favoritism (relative to Black folks) to non-Black oppressors who've never loved "God" nor acted as such since time immemorial. 

      The evidence of history would say that if God is "no respecter of persons"  he would not allow us to be subservient to a people who, as a collective, have always used spirituality for their aims of total world domination, at best, while thumbing their nose at God.

      Knowing how these social media things can get off topic...I must clarify what I'm looking for:

      I'm hoping those who respond (assuming I get any further responses) would be those who are going  join "THE Million" or, failing to see the value in joining our movement, show us a better movement or organization than the one we are attempting to forge.  This movement will not be limited to a religion or spiritual practice, though those who join are expected to have a high spiritual and moral character.



      • Europe



        The World's first religion is "Shetaut Netr" (Secret Nature) created and practiced by ancient Egyptians, who worshiped the "Creator God". Ancient Africans also worshiped other 'lessor gods' whom they believed could intercede/speak to the Creator, on their behalf. In short, Ancient Egyptians/Africans, created both monotheism and polytheism. They also founded the concept of " Spirituality"; which is an individual's willingness to forge a relationship with the cosmos.

        Our ancestors believed or knew that the enemy's deities were/are inferior; because the people who created them, practiced wickedness; but despite this, our ancestors forcibly hid their own gods amongst the oppressors' lessor gods;so they (our ancestors) could continue to worship without being brutalised or killed. This is why, nearly all enslaved Africans patterns of worship have survived as: Voodoo, Candomble, Myal, Obeah etc. I'm sure you personally know a few of these patterns of Black worship during enslavement, which have survived; and this is the real reason our ancestors survived slavery.

        it was the Romans who created Jesus and Christianity; but they had help from us. It was White Arabs who created Allah; but they had help from us.  False words, deeds and practices have been ascribed to Muhammad. In the same way in which false words, deeds and practices have been ascribed to the man the Romans called Jesus. Note how the Pope's head dress resembles those of Egyptian Pharaohs, who were worshipped as "lessor" gods. Yet more evidence that Europeans copied their religious practices from Black people.

        Long and tall of it is that Black People are collectively the Creator God, because we create/d everything!! This is why other races hate and fear us; and they will continue to kill/crucify us until we stop them. Sooner or later, we will triumph; no matter what they do...But we must not wait on their 'saviour', as they've asked us to do. We must save ourselves.

        America will not eradicate or control guns, because its their weapon of choice for killing us; but note that every-time they kill our children, a few days/weeks later, they kill even more of theirs.

        FYI, I am a member of every righteous or positive Black Movement.



    • Europe

      This is exactly what White Supremacists Jews/Christians/Muslims and their servants would have us believe. Its called "Noahidae"=the curse of Noah!! 

      Our only problem is that we serve the same gods as our oppressors: Jesus, Allah, the Pope etc...We believe that a 'white' god will save us; so we pray and wait...Some of us believe that when we die and go to heaven, the Christian god will punish our oppressors and we'll get our justice then; so we do nothing. Others believe that if we stick our face in the carpet and our arses in air, five times a day, we will get 75 virgins when we die. We kiss the Pope's ring and do his bidding; all of which keep us enslaved and dominated.

      As if this isn't enough, we marry the whitest person that will have us, because we lack self esteem.We don't think we're beautiful because our oppressors tell us we're ugly. We neglect duties and obligations to community and nation. We mourn and empathise when they kill our children; but then we actively do nothing about it. Even if all it takes is attending a meeting, signing a petition, or shouting down the oppressor; we do nothing because we're christians, muslims or Jews, just like our oppressors. Case in point, look whats happening in Africa, to good Christian and Muslim Black people who attend mosque and church as regularly as clock work. They will not lift a finger against their Muslim and Christian oppressors; instead they run away, when they should stand and fight! If Africans fought back against attackers; those attackers would become less and less until they stop altogether; but Africans run away from their homes, their farms their lands every time!! And instead of buying weapons, they use their meagre earnings to attend elaborate church ceremonies and other religious events; and enrich their religious leaders.

      The British establishment think Africans at home are very forgiving, so they join with other Europeans, Arabs and Americans, to take African land, rape African women and steal African future; because they expect forgiveness from fellow Christians. The white Arab has been taking African land for 16 centuries without being stopped. They're now addicted to taking our land and enslaving our people; because its their culture.These are the reasons for whats happening to us. We are cursed by the very gods we serve.


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