Sun drenched morning. Silver bullet-loaded, matched gold-plated

Glocks gleam above gilded dress swords. Above bump-stocked

AR-15s, strapped across slumped shoulders of two 1% men of

Limited vision. Mediocre men brandishing usurped Peoples’ Power …


The NRA, RNC and DNC searched far and wide for an S***hole 

Country—boots on the ground—who’d host the gentlemen’s 

Gun-powdered dustup. The People are excited! Ticket scalpers’ pockets

Got the mumps! Pay-per view revenues explode like 2,000 lb. bombs!


Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium almost hosted it. Fans were a bit

Too split on who they’d ‘Tomahawk Chop’/ faux Native chant for.

Miraculously, Bechtel built Weehawken Stadium seating well over

100,000—provided Boeing bombs it/Bechtel rebuilds it …4 yrs later …


A Peach State nut job/aka ‘Driving Miss Crazy;’ a Rocky Mountain 

State gun moll; an Empire State inquisitor; an ex-Palmetto State 

Governor who scribbled, “Finish them off!” on bombs destined for

Gaza are cheerleaders chosen for the bipartisan combatants


A dock built for bringing in more supplies and equipment split apart.

Kegs of beer, pallets of peanuts and pretzels were airdropped into the

Stadium …       Standing back; standing by; looking skyward for 

Snacks, Proud boys momentarily walked in Palestinian sandals …


WE The People face fierce trillion dollar dilemmas— 

Bought and bossed ones offer

Dollar store ‘solutions.’ Performative politicians promise to

“Fight like hell!” and, hopefully, spare us trauma of bipartisan

Buffoonery …  Policy-lite/Solution-absent/Mad monologues …

Dumbed-down discourse … disguised as debate …


They opt instead for “Trial by combat!” For Jumbotron spectacle! 

Standing back-to-back—French-style—stepping off 20 paces to

Cherry ‘red lines’ with feeble gaits … Breathless billions watch

Worldwide!  Proceeds go to

House the Unhoused; Healthcare For All; Free Education; go

To clean up rivers and oceans; to Green Jobs and empty jails …

“Thoughts and prayers” to the loser’s family … 

Winner’s allowed— like U.S. troops in Afghanistan—to

Urinate on loser’s body; and cut off fingers for souvenirs.

Body will lie in state—wrapped in stars and stripes—

Capitalist Hill rotunda … 21 gun-salute! Burial, Arlington

National Cemetery.


Winner gets next biggest imperialist strongman. Next biggest

Authoritarian Supreme Leader/Embassy Butcher/Nationalist

Pogrom Master—Lending new meaning to “sudden death over-

time.” Buying the International Working Class time … to organize itself?



© 2024. Raymond Nat Turner, The Town Crier. All Rights Reserved.

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