Call for a June 1, 2012 an International Day of Mobilization and Solidarity with the Haitian Workers and People

Call Issued by the Continuations Committee of the International Commission of Inquiry on Haiti (ICI-H) & he Mobilizing Collective for Reparations to the Victims of Cholera

To the Labor, Political, Popular and Democratic Organizations the World Over

Since June, 2004, a multinational occupation force has been installed in our country under the cover of the United Nations. Its official aim is to "stabilize" Haiti. But behind this purported mission, we know full well that this occupation force is here to safeguard imperialism's project in Haiti -- that is, to guarantee the interests of the multinational companies and those of the local ruling class.

June 1, 2012, will mark the 8th anniversary of the MINUSTAH [UN Mission for the Stabilization of Haiti] presence in Haiti. During these eight years, this so-called stabilization force has become infamous for its multiple assaults against the Haitian people. Many of the violations of human rights, rapes, thefts, and trampling upon university autonomy are widely known and have been documented and denounced by human rights, labor and popular organizations.

The introduction of the cholera epidemic into Haiti by the MINUSTAH troops has added salt to the gaping wound. More than 7,000 deaths from cholera have been recorded, and more 500,000 people are already infected, according to official estimates.

In the face of this alarming situation, we are witnessing a growing outburst of hatred and mobilization against the MINUSTAH presence in Haiti. In this framework, the Continuations Committee of the International Commission of Inquiry on Haiti (ICI-H) and the Mobilizing Collective for Reparations to the Victims of Cholera have already organized several activities to raise awareness about, and mobilize for, the immediate withdrawal of the MINUSTAH troops and reparations by the United Nations for the victims of the cholera epidemic.

These mobilizations have to continue until we are victorious.

In Haiti, like elsewhere -- particularly in the Caribbean region and on a continental level -- many activities and mobilizations have already been organized.

On November 5, 2011, a Continental Rally in Sao Paulo, Brazil, representing 14 countries, proposed the formation of a Continental Committee for the Immediate Withdrawal of the UN Troops from Haiti and the organization of an International Day of Action around this demand on June 1, 2012 -- the 8th anniversary of the MINUSTAH occupation of Haiti. The Caribbean Conference of Cap-Haitien on November 16-18, 2011, unanimously supported this proposal from the Sao Paulo rally.

In the spirit of the resolution adopted at this Caribbean Conference, we Haitian organizations that are part of the Continuations Committee of the ICI-H and the Mobilizing Collective for Reparations, hereby issue the Call to your organizations the world over, inviting you to join us in this International Day of mobilization and solidarity with the workers and people of Haiti. We call upon you to help us ensure its full success.

Together, let us demand:

- The total and unconditional cancellation of all of Haiti's debts;
- An end to the policies of structural adjustment;
- The repayment by France of the US$21 billion that it looted from the first Haitian Republic;
- The immediate withdrawal of all occupation forces;
- the abolition of the International Committee for the Reconstruction of Haiti (CIRH, by its French acronym), a supranational body headed by former U.S. President Bill Clinton);
- Reparations by the United Nations to all the victims of the MINUSTAH occupation.

-- April 4, 2012


Petit-Jean DERINX
On behalf of the Continuations Committee of the ICI-H

On behalf of the Mobilizing Collective for Reparations to the Victims of Cholera

Guadeloupe-Haiti Campaign USA
52 St. Nicholas Place #23
New York, N.Y. 10031
Tel. 646-657-7207

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