Insanity Abounds

Insanity Abounds 

     Junious Ricardo Stanton 


“If the social order judges success by material gain, the most successful will be the most corruptible and selfish.” Ancient Nile Valley Proverb 


      The American Empire is in rapid decline because of its’ immense reliance on technology, its adoration of materialism and worship of power. The root of its devolution is its rejection of wisdom and humanitarian values. From its inception the United States was built upon covetousness, the theft and expropriation of indigenous people’s lands, the abuse, violation and extermination of the native inhabitants, subjecting them to massive social and ecological disruption and oppression. 

       Under the guise of “civilizing” savages, bringing Christianity to the heathen and providing a land of opportunity for themselves, Europeans plundered, raped and pillaged the land, reshaping it into their image making it profitable using the free labor of a myriad of racial and ethnic groups beginning with their own so called “indentured” bonds people. 

      This same pattern replicated around the globe as Europeans used sea piracy, invasion and colonization to enrich their ruling classes, monarchs, Popes and early capitalists.; all the while ignoring the basic values and philosophy of the Christian religion, they professed to be spreading to benefit humanity! 

        The misanthropes who guided the European nation states and their religious and economic systems thought the spiritual laws that govern the universe did not apply to them. Their behaviors became the true culture, its ethos, its role model and foundation, not the noble sounding words in their founding documents, or the wording of their laws and religious services. For centuries they thought they were immune to retribution, they thought they could engage in immoral behavior without consequence.

          Present day America is witnessing the stark reality that you indeed reap what you sow, for every thought, word and deed there is an equal consequence! One consequence is a lack of trust in the government, the media or major institutions. As we watch the financial system implode, we are being told by the ruling class, “the system is sound”.  As the standards of living, the life span and general sense of wellbeing erodes, we are told things are fine, move along nothing to see here. As we experience the collapse of the social order, we are told this is the “new normal” and so on and so on. 

            Each day we are subjected to more and more Orwellian doublespeak where lies are passed off as truth, war is labeled peace, decadence is lauded as progress, pilferage is deemed giving, rampant deep-seated inflation is called “transitory” and induced sickness is called healing!  We live in an upside-down world, a Bizzaro World like in the D.C. Superman comics where a parallel Frankenstein world existed which was the polar opposite of life on Earth.

          We are being conditioned to accept this unreality as real. We are being entrained, brainwashed and hypnotized to fall for the flim-flam and the okey-doke.  If the plutocrats behind this nefarious scheme have their way, things will get much, much worse! Don’t take my word for it d o some research on transhumanism, human augmentation, bio-digital convergence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution! These psychopaths truly have a god complex.

         We live in what I call a reverse Ubuntu, instead of a philosophy of inclusion, interconnectedness, interdependence and mutual support, “I am because we are, we are because I am”; we are living in a predatory environment where the philosophy appears to be: might makes right, what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine and I’m going to take it! This type of social milieu is unsustainable! It cannot last forever and we are witnessing the unraveling of American society before our eyes.

            How can we prevent the slide most empires experience? I don’t think we can, I don’t think we have the will to change this mess; it must run its course. That doesn’t mean we have to allow the psychopaths and crazies running the show to take us down with them. We can be in it, but not of it as the saying goes. We can be here but choose not to acquiesce to the insanity, decadence and immorality all around us. We can choose to live our lives with forthright intention and moral purpose as opposed to living a willy-nilly lifestyle controlled and manipulated by people who do not have our best interests at heart.

            We can for instance begin to seek wisdom by examining our lives to see what works and what doesn't. What if you were more polite, loving, empathetic and compassionate, what would your life look like? Being kind doesn’t mean being a chump or allowing folks to take advantage of you and abuse you. It is a choice to be a different person. How about trying to live an empathetic life for thirty days just to see what it would look and feel like. How about thinking before you speak, choosing your words wisely instead of just reacting or being discerning in your speech?

            What if we started remembering and applying the folk wisdom of our ancestors, you know the old sayings you got tired of hearing when you were growing up like: “you can’t lay down with dogs and not rise up with fleas. Or, you never miss you water ‘til your well runs dry.

            Africans believed in the practicality of good character because good character contributed to a harmonious society. Our ancestors cultivated good character (the real role of culture) and we carried that with us everywhere even during the Maafa, the great tribulation of enslavement. But now we emulate what we see in the media, hear in the songs and do to play the video games.  We need to rethink the notion of good character, what it means and what are its benefits; otherwise, the insanity will continue to metastasize.



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