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Junious Ricardo Stanton


"The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses." Malcolm X

We are inundated with propaganda and disinformation round the clock non-stop. The goal of this propaganda is to shape our views and perceptions of “reality” as created and designed by the ruling classes who own the media and exert control over the content carried in the various mediums whether they be print, visual, radio, the Internet or newly emerging technologies. Their goal is not just to make money no, their most important intention is to control our minds. The last thing these megalomaniacs want is a populous who think independently, who uses our own discernment and critical thinking skills to see and define the world and current events for ourselves.

As we scan the headlines we need to stop and ask ourselves what is it the overlords want us to think and believe? Why is all the news the same? The only difference is the taking heads the performers reading the news. They almost always read from the same script!

Let’s look at some of the current events and the editorial slants currently in the media. Lately we’ve seen an enormous amount of attention paid to Donald Trump’s indictments for various and sundry “crimes”. This is unprecedented, to have a former US President indicted for alleged crimes committed while in office! So here are my questions: why has no one or no agency indicted George W. Bu$h, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice and others for their roles in deliberately lying to the American people about 9-11 and bogus weapons of mass destruction that launched the illegal and immoral invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq? How come after two decades no one has thought to bring these war criminals to justice?

Along that same line why hasn’t there been a judicial or human rights inquiry or indictment of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for their roles in the hideous murder of Muammer Gaddafi and turning the most progressive nation on the continent of Africa into a totally failed state? Why hasn’t Obama been indicted for fomenting the coup that took place in Ukraine in 2014 which has directly led to the establishment of a neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine and the current proxy war the US and NATO are waging against Russia?

If it’s okay for local DA’s to indict former president Trump because he challenged the 2020 election results which have not resulted in any deaths or harm to citizens, why aren’t state Attorney Generals and DA’s going after Trump and Biden for their direct roles in the ongoing health crisis caused by the so called COVID “vaccines”. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Why isn’t the government going after Pfizer and Moderna for their malfeasance and criminal operations pushing poorly tested, ineffective and dangerous mRNA inoculations not just in this country but along with Astra Zenica and other companies around the world for an alleged virus that has a ninety-eight percent recovery rate for people in good health?! Pfizer’s own internal reports and documents show they knew their “vaccines” caused major problems after only a few months!

Why aren’t they being prosecuted by the US Justice Department and the International Criminal Court?! Yet all we hear in the news is the FDA approved new vaccines. If several state Attorney Generals went after pharmaceutical companies for their role in the opioid crisis,helped%20cause%20the%20opioids%20crisis. Why aren’t these same state Attorney General’s suing the FDA for approving and sanctioning improperly tested, unsafe, ineffective and harmful products like the mRNA “vaccines”?,

As we enter the annual cold and flu season we are being subjected to more fear porn about yet another stain of COVID. What we are not being told is all corona viruses mutate and the usual/normal pattern (unless they are genetically modified or lab created) is as they mutate they become less not more lethal!

The common cold is a coronavirus, so is influenza. The reason the pharmaceutical companies push annual shots is because the common cold and influenza viruses mutate all the time; every year there are new strains. There is no vaccine for the common cold! If you took the flu shot last year and you plan to take one this year, this year’s shot will be different from the one you took last year, unless of course the pharmaceutical companies are engaging in fraud which they have been known to do!

The so called climate crisis is ubiquitously in the news. The fact is our earth, this planet is a living entity with its own internal energy and resonance which coupled with the Sun’s energy supports all life on this planet. All living things go through changes and the earth is no exception. Over millions of years it has gone through: ice ages, desertification, continental divides, rising and falling sea levels, atmospheric changes and catastrophic events. Don’t allow con men and megalomaniacs to dupe you into thinking the earth is in existential danger. If the plutocrats and capitalists are so concerned about the earth’s welfare tell them to stop cutting down the rain forests and polluting the air and water!

But most importantly stop lying.


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