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    Aliens would look at emoticons and laugh at our emotional and interpersonal illiteracy. Then they would destroy us to keep us from multiplying. Again.

    Sprint will advertise artificial telepathy (just like the real thing....and just as clear!) in high school cafeterias, college student union halls and churches for those who are just a tad uncomfortable with the idea of organically produced voices in their heads (On/Off switch included!). The spokesperson for artificial telepathy will be a young, popular media figure created for the sole purpose of selling it to the public; he/she will sell it as a lifestyle, complete with clothes, food and home furnishings that reflect the new ideal in listening in on the thoughts of others.

    The basic plan will be the cheapest; the deluxe plan will be the best--you get faster messaging for just a few dollars more. Just pay your bill on time; imagine the embarassment of being trapped inside the heads of your friends unable to leave because you got caught sending just as Sprint threw the switch and disabled your account for nonpayment. O the shame of it!!

    I can't help you with Pallette a Balle! Sorry! : )
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      Thank you & Thanks anyway
      At least you communicate with me
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