If my own fleshly brother were to come to me and say I am Superman,I can do what I want for I am superior,I am entitled.It would be a great act of love on my part to say to him.I love you for who you really are! you are not superman you are my brother,we were both created equal by God!!.And If my brother were to say,I am nothing and i will always be nothing I am inferior,because that is what I have been told.Then too I would lift my brothers head and say"lift your head my brother  you are some body.We are all created equal by God


The destructive metaphors we have been conditioned to use in this society namely that this  man is black and this one is white began many hundreds of years ago.and coincide with the most depraved and victous period in human history,we still have not healed from this insideous doctrine.This sickness of the past is still here today.


It has given many people a false sense of entitlement and others a false sense of Inferiority.It is responsible for inequality and poverty.


It has lead to the racial industrial complex,a multi billion dollar business where economic are insured from the misery of others,in the form of judges,lawyers,doctors,caskets and funerals


This psychological maiming and brain washing leads to poverty,imprisionment and lower educational achievement to those called black as the statistic show,but also a economic burden and social delima to those called white.


The only blame  falls upon us as the society that allows such a system of imbalance to continue,those who are made weak will ever be divided from those made strong and the two will consume each other.A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.


We must find a way to become a society of one and enter this place through love, non-violence of consciousness, education and humility.We must find a way to stop talking about each other and start talking to each other.We cannot go on together with suspicious minds.


If your seriously interested in ending this high tech battle of sibling rivelry please join me in ending the mythology of black inferiority and the myth of white superiority.By putting pandora back in her box.If we fail to act we will continue to be the perpetrators of our own victimization.


If your interested In where we go from here please contact me.

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