Thread or Threat ? O my Friend


 Go to

& search with “day of terror”

U can see the pictures of my gallery from 11sep


Long long ago, I Wrote In Persian language a Symbolic Drama Based on 11 Sep

I called my drama theatre of football (57 page) My Drama was as Long as a Romance

Therefore it wasn't Translated by a translator, last week I decided  to short it , But suddenly the story of 11sep finished,i don’t know what to do about my drama

I wrote this drama from 2003 to 2005, (I wrote Erected noses play in only 2 week

 It is hard 4 me forget it, it need be shorted by me,

In my drama there is not bin laden, anti hero is an American citizen, i didn’t want change history, if I drew a 100% negative picture from bin laden, my drama became  a Bomb of hate

Therefore in my drama I killed him on the white paper , i forget him

my drama  is over than an epic joke, it has three slideshow

In first slideshow: Angel freedom is symbol of Narrator..  & two girls Twins are symbol of WTC...

& two small green birds are symbol of 2 airplanes...Padre & Spiritual Mother are their parents... a doctor is symbol of terrorist (this part occurs in the seaside)

In second slideshow: the Breasts of a nurse is symbol of WTC...a doctor is symbol of terrorist..Padre & Spiritual Mother are their parents... A blind psychologist is symbol of politicians (this part occurs in the hospital)

In third slideshow: a Football Referee is symbol of Dissident students he was inspired by American students in decade 60.... His wife is symbol of Assistant Referee ...She is pregnant & the child Inside of her Abdomen is symbol of aircraft passengers (this part occurs in the Prison)


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