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    I can something I can't own, can't make, and can't destroy:  time.  I give you something I don't own and something I do own.  My time and my word.  

    • Thanks for responding, LV.

      Consider, that you and I, we as human beings - do not already by default own time and our word.

      To take ownership of either begins with distinquishing that we operate on automatic and we are not powerfully related to time and our word.


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        For me, that's the hardest lesson to teach and to learn.  We're not in control of any of this.  We have no idea when the thread will be clipped.  My grandmother always told me, "they ain't jus' takin' ol' folks to the graveyard."  I don't think I really knew what she meant, on a deeper level, until recently.  She was telling me that yes, on the surface, young people die.  But what she was telling me that I had to live a life of value and meaning each and every day.  There's no use in saying, "I'll do it when..." if you don't own the when.  

        For me, the biggest challenge to this is fear.  I don't want to take a photo until I lose weight.  I don't want to tell someone how I feel until they get to some point I've set in my mind completely extraneous to what actually, what's real, or what's true.  Or, I expect that because I set something out logically, socratically, and in a mutually beneficial form, that the other person is going to see the benefit that I see.  

        All of these things are fragile and easily destroyed because I don't own time.  I don't have the ability to really know, honestly, the experience of another person so how can I know the effect of my words?  

        All I have are hope and faith.  

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