I believe that people should be licensed to speak.
Most of what's said that is meaningful is just crap.
And, our license - poetic license - should be revoked for speaking crap.
Like now; for example, do you understand one darn thing I am saying?
You may say that you do.
But that's still more crap.
What the hell is crap anyway?
And hell?
Isn't a darn shame we call poets poets when poetry is a dime a dozen.
The other day someone said to me: "You are awesome."
I smile and said thanks all the while wondering what he meant.
I get he said something good about me.
But what?


Then I looked up the definition.
Darn, I wanted nothing to do with being awesome.

Get the poetry of the speaking.
Take the long way round say what there is to say.
Take time to be and instead of awesome one could say:
I appreciate your kindness, your generosity...thanks for...
Now, that's prose that would be unquestioned.

You are now licensed to prose - understandable and uncomplicated...

Thanks for what's heard given that most of what's said is senseless
(like this is sentence is.)


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