I am my father


It delights me when people say I am my father's son.

Sometimes they call me my father as if I am the father and he is the son.

I am so like my father.

We are one. And it delights my father that follow in his wake.

Who else could I be but me my father, if I am is son.

Could I be a dog, a cat or some other human.

We share DNA. And as Mr. Garvey says: "Whatever man has done, man can do."

If it were otherwise I would abled with a disability.

It is also said that I am a child of God.

God is my father. He is my father.

If God is my father, who is that person who looks back at me when I the son of God looks in the mirror?

Yes, time I be responsible for all I have created.

Almighty God is a living man.

Who am I?

Who are you really, if not God?







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