I am my father

It delights me when people say I am my father's son.
Sometimes they call me my father as if I am the father and he is the son.
I am so like my father.
We are one.
And it delights my father that follow in his wake.

Who else could I be but me my father, if I am is son.
Could I be a dog, a cat or some other human.
We share DNA.
And as Mr. Garvey says: "Whatever man has done, man can do."
If it were otherwise I would abled with a disability.

It is also said that I am a child of God.
God is my father.
He is my father.
If God is my father, who is that person who looks back at me when I the son of God looks in the mirror?

Yes, time I be responsible for all I have created.

Almighty God is a living man.

Who am I?

Who are you really, if not God?


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  • DMV
    Indeed. Baba Olatunji
    • DMV
      I left out a word in the last sentence of my commentary on your post of "I Am My Father." The book i just completed is called "The Acquisition and PROPER use of Power." it is going to be about 450 a PAGE treatise (page) book.
      I met Baba kwasi Akyeampong some 25 years ago. his use of the understanding of knowledge gave him the wisdom to have built a vital institution in Black America.
  • DMV
    No doubt your declaration that the KNOWLEDGE that you are the son of “The Father” is absolutely true. It is also absolutely true that this knowledge is power. It is power that we all can and do use all the time.
    The first use of this divine Power/Knowledge by self, once I KNEW it, was to do whatever I could to earn a living and contribute to the Liberation of Black people while doing so….after more than a few months, about 3 years in fact, of thinking the way to use the power was to unite with others around me who I was of no doubt had the same KNOWLEDGE I had – some even more – I tried being in UNITY with them; working together to get something done. The successes achieved working in unity was modest, but it gave me some practical experience of working with folk who knew what I knew.
    The knowledge that I was acquiring at the same time about the liberation/history of Black people that SMALL, modest successes of comfortability within the USA would not do the job that was needed. But to the man or woman in my united group of Black folk with knowledge, they were fine as to how they were using the knowledge – I had to decide whether to stay where they were comfortable, or use the knowledge to attempt larger things. I moved on to the attempt at larger things.
    To make a long story extremely shorter, let me just say it perplexed me for many years that folk that had the same knowledge as I, had little success (compared to my own) [hopefully that statement does not appear boastful or immodest]. In either case it perplexed me to see that people with the same knowledge as I, had considerable less to show for that knowledge/power: I also knew that if they were using their knowledge on the level that I was, OUR successes would be that much better.
    I decided to write a book regarding my own estimations the reasons folk with the same knowledge, whom all want success have markedly different results…. I gave myself three years and titled the book, ”The Acquisition and Use of Power.?”
    About 100 pages into the book my perplexity was unraveled: KNOWLEDGE is power because of the essence of what is in the knowledge. The degree of ones UNDERSTANDING of the knowledge determines how much of the essence of knowledge is used. This is because the UNDERSTANDING gives you the WISDOM to use the KNOWLEDGE: u+k=w to use what you know.
    At that point in the book I changed the title to: THE ACQUISITION AND PROPER USE OF POWER. The 400 treatise will be released on April 29, 2010.
    Nothing to hide. Stay tuned.
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