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The title and the first sentence or first two hundred words will determine whether and how often your blog is read and shared.

Writing the title for a successful blog is similar to writing headlines for your local tabloid.

Your title should be an interest grabbing summary of your article.

Not as outrageous or exaggerated as a tabloid, however.

The of your blog or article should include Google Key Words and search terms and key words included in your article.

Keep your title at least 72 characters long, including spaces.

Avoid using all cap.

Please locate your links, tagline, dateline, attributes, credits etc. at the end of your blog/article.

Your blog should not be an advertisement, however, your blog is an ideal space to review a product or whatever is important to you.

Writing an article for a blog is unlike writing for a newspaper, a novel or a thesis.
It is not likely that your blog or article will be read the dinner table at a restaurant or at home, neither on the subway.

It is very likely that readers will schedule time to browse rather than read.

So what will have someone read/browse your blog in this limited time slot when they are surrounded by multiple interested images and articles calling out for attention?

On some networks, TheBlackList for example, your blog is screened and approved by a moderator or editor.

As moderator and editor I do not read, censor nor edit your article. I make sure that your article is appropriate. 

If the title and opening sentence spark my interest, I will not do more than just publishing. I will promote and feature your article - share your article on other networks.

Do not depend on me to promote your article.

This is not my job.

It is up to you to maximize the awesome of social NETWORKING to create, build and maintain your audience.

I provide the platform. Use it.

A successful blogger is network-entrepreneur.

You are always building networks and creating interest and relationships.

There is more to being a successful network-entrepreneur than is covered in this article.

Stay tuned.

~by Kwasi Akyeampong

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Peace and Blessings Brother Thank you for the great tips! They will come in handy esp for me I'm long winded! Thanks again

Thank you, Brother.
Thanks for being here.
Thanks for sharing TheBlackList with your friends.

The two most important word on social networks are social and network(ing).
Your what you write should build your community and and expand your network.
Therefore you must be willing that see you audience as you see yourself and also be vulnerable in sharing yourself.

Thanks for your support.


Appreciate this opener Kwasi. Helps out

Nice post.  Thanks for this. 

Anybody going to the Blogging While Brown conference?  I have details here:  Being a Black Blogger


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