How Come?



How Come?

Junious Ricardo Stanton


“Unfortunately, doctors and epidemiologists also were responsible for many of the scariest projections and much of the agitation for police state measures.” Coronacide Robert Gore


            During the past few weeks I’ve shared information about several gaming “exercises” conducted by certain oligarchs and their minions that focused on global pandemics. These drills and exercises were supposedly to glean ideas how to prepare and deal with just such situations if one ever occurred. In the course of my ongoing research I’ve discovered exercises in addition to the Rockefeller Foundation’s 2010 Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, World Economic Forum, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health and CDC’s Event 201 which was held in October of 2019 that I reported on earlier.

          In June of 2001 there was a two day exercise called Dark Winter that was conducted at Andrews Air Force base which among other topics included a pandemic scenario.  There other table top scenarios and exercises, “In fact, by one count, there have been no less than four separate U.S. simulations that prefigured the events that unfolded in central China in January of this year. In 2005, ‘Atlantic Storm,’ organized by the Center for Biosecurity at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, simulated an international outbreak of a smallpox pandemic (as opposed to the domestic smallpox terrorism attack stipulated by Dark Winter). ‘The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028,’ conducted in 2017, tested medical responses to the outbreak of a novel coronavirus in St. Paul, Minnesota. ‘Clade X,’ hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in 2018, proposed a worldwide coronavirus outbreak with no vaccine (and which, according to Tom Inglesby, the center’s director, was designed to ‘provide experiential learning’ for Trump administration officials).” Argument America’s Pandemic War Games Don’t End Well- Mark Perry

      Last year (2019) from January through August the federal government in conjunction with twelve states conducted Crimson Contagion featuring scenarios focusing on an influenza pandemic originating in China .  Here is reliable and verifiable evidence these scenarios took place over several years and they were funded and conducted by oligarchs (aka the .001%), involving the US military and public private partnerships. Many of the key participants like the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates and Rockefeller Foundations, the World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security and the US CDC have a globalist agenda.

    My question is: if they have been spending so much time, money and resources gaming and preparing for numerous possible global pandemics for years, how come the US was so totally unprepared when the COVID 19 virus surfaced?! Two of the exercise scenarios took place last year (2019) one as late as October; the other one ran from January through August of 2019!

     I can see running an academic table top exercise or a drill then shelving it; but how come Trump and the CDC are acting like no one ever told them about any of this? Surely someone involved with these scenarios should have stepped up to offer their findings and results. If this is the case (and I doubt it) why did Secretary of State Mike Pompeo say at a press conference on March 21 standing next to President Trump, “This is not about retribution, this matter is going forward — we are in a live exercise here to get this right.” Trump responded, “They should have let us know”

   For me this begs even more questions, like if this is merely a drill why shut the whole economy down for weeks? If this is a live exercise, why is everyone still shuttered at home? All the scenarios I mentioned all those table top exercises, those drills had humongous fatality rates. The Event 201 predicted sixty five million people dying! Is this why the case fatality rates of the “experts” like Dr. Fauci, the CDC and Johns Hopkins were originally so high, because they predicted fatalities in the millions?

  Did they program their algorithm projections to coincide with the exercises and drills?! Did they do it to generate fear, panic and hysteria or did they just make an honest error? Does this explain why there is only one narrative in the mainstream media? I am not suggesting and never have suggested the virus is a hoax. My wife and I both have family members who have died.

  What I am saying is there is only one narrative being promoted and pushed by the corporate media, which is the narrative of Bill Gates (a known eugenicist), the World Health Organization and the CDC all of whom are notorious vaccine pushers.,-Pharma,-Gates.aspx  I am saying Event 201 recommendation number seven (7) specifically called for control of the flow of information by governments and the private sector (corporate media). They said, “Governments will need to partner with traditional and social media companies to research and develop nimble approaches to countering misinformation. This will require developing the ability to flood media with fast, accurate, and consistent information. Public health authorities should work with private employers and trusted community leaders such as faith leaders, to promulgate factual information to employees and citizens. Trusted, influential private-sector employers should create the capacity to readily and reliably augment public messaging, manage rumors and misinformation, and amplify credible information to support emergency public communications.” By that they mean unified propaganda and a consistent narrative. This is exactly what we are seeing now!

   If influenza like pandemics were being gamed for at least the past ten years, how come the necessary medical mitigations, supply lines and logistics were not in place when this virus first hit? How come the leaders and policy makers were so discombobulated once the virus became known?! I understand each coronavirus is unique and different but once the scenarios were gamed some departments within the government and US health system still should have been prepared just on g.p.!

  Is this a test? Are they testing to see how much we will take before there is open rebellion? Are the policy makers trying out new algorithms and statistical measures during the crisis? Are their figures even reality based? Is this something far more sinister? Is it like 9-11 when CIA Director Tenet told George W. Bu$h a terrorist attack was imminent but Bu$h did nothing? Or like during Hurricane Katrina when despite the fact the US Weather Service, the military and National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration updated them constantly via satellite pictures and projections of the storm’s path the Bu$h administration still did nothing?! 

  Here’s a question for you, how come Johns Hopkins University is involved in so many of these scenarios, drills and exercises? Is it coincidental Johns Hopkins University is at the hub of the current COVID 19 “pandemic” narrative?

  Check out these Websites and podcasts then make up your own mind, better yet keep asking questions.,, and and ,



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