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This is to announce that the biography of Herman Ferguson, former member of the BOD of N'COBRA, is now available. The book was written by his wife Iyaluua, a African woman in the "tradition of Winnie Mandela." It was Sister Iyaluua Ferguson that kept the name Herman Ferguson, before us, while he was in exile is Guyana for 19 long years.

Now it is she who captures both the spirit of the undefeated, 90 years old Black Champion, who unlike many of his station in the 1960's (Public School VPrincipal), only claimed Minister Malcolm X after he was gone: Herman Ferguson was a colleague, soldier on the front line in struggle (A True Revolutionary, who has the documentation to show, if necessary) He was a member of both organizations that Malcolm founded, but had no chance to develop.

The Title of the book is "An Unlikely Warrior: The Evolution of a Revolutionary. It was printed by Paul Coates’ Black Classics Press. It is available via for $20.00 + $5.00 shipping.

I have a review of the book in progress: but since i want to read, again, this riveting, True Story about the 1960's and its aftermath, this announcement will allow the conscious brothers and sisters a chance to get started.


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