Here's Something Interesting

Here’s Something Interesting

Junious Ricardo Stanton


            As most of my regular readers know, during the past three years I have been extremely skeptical of the COVID narrative, essentially seeing it as a scam/scheme to: allow Big Pharma to make billions of dollars profit off of poorly tested, unsafe mRNA concoctions,,  the media to gain further control of our psyches for nefarious purposes,,brain%20associa , governments to usurp more powers under the guise of public health/pandemic mitigation and globalist plutocrats to implement their wicked agendas and attacks upon humanity.  

            The media and government have waged relentless war against us attempting to stifle all dissent, suppress true scientific discussion and debate and they are literally driving us insane using fear and advanced techniques of psychological warfare! These facts are indisputable and despite the censorship and propaganda, each passing day skeptics like me are being proven correct in our assessments of the situation!

            Black people in the US and around the world have every reason to be skeptical and hesitant regarding the West’s COVID remediation attempts given the long sordid nexus and history of eugenics, population control, medicine and vaccines. What we are seeing and experiencing now is extremely alarming: escalating all cause mortality and an ever growing list of adverse reactions to the COVID jabs following the inject roll outs in December of 2020; yet Big Pharma, the corporate mind control apparatus and the governments continue to deny the existence of this humongous elephant in the room and they keep pushing the jabs!

            Here is something interesting that flies in the face of the COVID “vaccine” propaganda; the African continent has the lowest vaccine rates in the whole world and the lowest incidence of COVID infection! “Part of the African continent’s success is no doubt due to a fortunate accident of microbiology, infectious diseases, pharmacology and immunology.  It so happens that two of the most effective treatments for COVID, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, are also routine prophylactic weekly medicines throughout equatorial Africa, because they happen to be known for a half-century as the most effective, applicable and safest anti-parasite medications.  So the population, particularly through about 31 countries, the tropical middle rectangle roughly, of Africa already were well-equipped prior to COVID events launching in late 2019 to early 2020. As fortune would have it, the unpatented and relatively inexpensive half-century old drug Ivermectin, whose inventors won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2015, also has been the most effective medicine against COVID, due in part to its specific effect against RNA transcriptase, as well as its blocking effect on all three parts of the trimeric spike protein, and other mechanisms.”

            Are you getting the significance of this? Our people in Africa were wise enough to eschew the mRNA injections and it has paid off handsomely in the lowest rates of infection and concomitant vaccine adverse effects!  Righteous leaders like the late John Magufuli who earned degrees in chemistry including a PhD, publicly exposed and ridiculed the uselessness of the COVID tests led the way. Many people believe he was killed because of it. He died suddenly and his successor Samia Suluhu Hassana a Western lapdog, immediately reversed his policies and pushed for injections (they are not vaccines in the original definition and sense of the word!)

           Magufuli and other brave African leaders set the tone for questioning, challenging and rejecting the West’s conclusions and narratives about COVID and their mitigation therapies. “This is not the first piece of evidence that Africa is leading the world away from a microbial-pretext tyranny.   Last summer, Africa stood alone in being the continent, led by Botswana, to pull the worlds’ people back from the precipice, while pushing the World Health Organization (WHO) back from their attempted tyranny over all world governments.  This danger is by no means past, and new efforts for WHO dominance over the world are ominously re-grouping at this time. Africa led the way and inspires the world.  Are the politicians and “public health experts” of the rest of the world humble enough to admit their grotesque errors, even crimes, and to learn from the peoples of the African nations, their experiences and lessons on handling a pandemic? Or will ethnocentrism or a hostile and racist pride, or the sheer greed stimulated by the lucrative COVIDmania boondoggle, prevent the rest of the world’s willingness to learn from the African experience?  Will such provincial and purchased attitudes bury the 21st century’s most important lesson to date?”


            Oh and by the way in case you think it was just a Black thing, Sweden rejected the farcical lockdowns and has shown that their approach fared better than most of their European neighbors!  This is something interesting to think about, good food for thought.




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