From the Ramparts
Junious Ricardo Stanton
He Who Pays the Fiddler Calls The Tune

“As the fund-raising chase mounted, critics of the political process focused more and more on the determinative role of money in election outcomes. Reports by the Center for Responsive Politics and Citizen Action contended that in the 1996 congressional races, the candidates who raised the most money won 92 percent of the time in the House and 88 percent of the time in the Senate. In the sixty House districts identified before the election as toss-ups, Republicans had an average of 42 percent more money to spend. By 1999, pundits began describing the initial fundraising of presidential candidates a decisive ‘wealth primary,’ pointing out the close correlation between the frontrunners' share of their party's early cash-60 percent for Republican George Bush and 64 percent for Democrat Albert Gore-and their support in the polls. Over the first six months of 1999 the $103 million taken in by all presidential candidates was three times the amount for the comparable period four years earlier.” Wealth and Politics in the United States Wealth, Money-Culture, Ethics, and Corruption Greed, Speculative Bubbles, and Reform excerpted from the book Wealth and Democracy a political history of the American rich by Kevin Phillips

Money and wealth have always played a pre-eminent role in US politricks. The signers of the US Constitution while mouthing glowing words about freedom and egalitarianism, set up an exclusionary and rigid color/caste system based upon wealth, gender, color and “race”. The men who met in Philadelphia to forge a new nation decided the people who own the country should rule it. They not only codified caste and color but they made sure they controlled both the wealth and power of the new nation. “Delegates to the Constitutional Convention were instructed that their only job was to amend the Articles of Confederation and that any proposed changes were to be approved by all the states before they were adopted. A conspiratorial junta, led by Hamilton and Madison, had already decided that they would scrap the Articles of Confederation and write an entirely new constitution which would create a centralized government controlled by the wealthy class. The Convention met entirely in secret, and it would be fifty-three years before American citizens were allowed to see the record of what had transpired in this coup d'etat which enshrined mercantile capitalism as the imposed way of life for Americans. Of the sixty-two delegates appointed to the Convention, fifty-five showed up. At the Convention, no more than eleven states were ever represented at one time. Of the fifty-five members of the Convention; only thirty-nine signed the final draft. The illegal Constitution these conspirators contrived: Was in effect an economic document, enshrining property as the primary value, was anti-majoritarian, making sure that the ‘common people’ could no longer gain political power over the minority capitalist class, contained no checks against plutocratic (corporate) power, created the private control of government by the capitalist class, including the creation of domestic and foreign policy, disallowed city or state assemblies to make decisions which the federal government was to make assured that effective political power was unavailable at the local level. Knowing that the popular majority in all the states would oppose this oligarchic document, the framers of the Constitution inserted the provision that it would go into effect when ratified by only nine states.”- Completing The American Revolution by Norman D. Livergood.

That legacy of oligarchy and plutocracy has never wavered despite numerous challenges over the years by reformers, “progressives” and radicals. I suggest you go to to glean the real history of this country. Or read Howard Zinn’s books on the subject. Why, because they tell the truth and you’ll get information and a perspective that explains what is going on today. The power dynamics forged in 1787 have been consolidated even more as this country morphed into a completely fascist banana republic for sale to the highest bidders over the years. If you think I’m joking just look at all the legislation Obama has pushed, the bank bailouts, the wars he’s expanded and now he is giving the insurance companies a gift via so called “health care reform”. The bill is not about promoting health or wellness in the US. It’s not about providing affordable health insurance to struggling people. It’s about repaying the insurance companies for giving him millions of dollars in campaign contributions. Don’t believe me, go to and view the list of Obama’s top contributors. Then match what you find there with his passionate push for the policies he’s championed. Then you’ll see why Barack Obama hasn’t demonstrated that same kind of passion for Main Street, working class folks in general or black people in particular !!

The reason for this is very simple, he who pays the fiddler, calls the tune. Obama raised over $700 million (that’s almost a billion) dollars during his election campaign. Wall Street, the defense contractors, the trial lawyers, the insurance companies, the Hedge Funds, multi-national corporations and powerful foreign lobbies own Obama lock stock and barrel. He and his Democratic Party sold us out big time! When you click on the industries tab at you’ll see that lawyers and law firms gave forty three million dollars ($43,154,642 ) to his presidential campaign. That’s why he’s willing to go along with the Republicans on Tort Reform. Guess who’s going to get screwed on Tort Reform,; hint it won’t be big business or lawyers. Investors gave him $14,891,735. This is why he never even utters a word about prosecuting the sleazy Wall Street bankers who caused this Depression not matter how much they continue to rip us off. Obama desperately wants to pass a bogus “health care reform” bill to satisfy the giant insurance companies and big for profit hospitals that gave him campaign money in 2008.

Do you see a pattern here? If not I suspect you drank too much of the media’s Obama: Change We Can Believe In Kool-Aid. By the time you read this you know “our” Congress Critters, the best Congress money can buy, has passed the “health care reform” bill. If you think this is about helping ordinary folks save money or improve our lives read the bill (it’s over two thousand pages long); better yet, listen carefully you’ll hear the big money interests calling the tunes they want their quislings in Washington to shuck and buck dance to. It’s their party but you can bet your last money, poor and working class people won’t be having any fun.


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