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Greetings All,1. The GP Black Caucus ~8 years ago intiated support for the "Democratization of the Electoral College" initiative by Asa Gordon that would finally bring about the support of the National Green party over several national conventions. It was a long haul of motivation and education. See Green Press Releases at Thanks.2. This "initiative" provides the only means that can translate popular votes for the McKinney/Clemente ticket into electoral votes that can empower their campaign in a close election. By way of example, the effect of this "initiative" if realized in 2000 would have awarded 12 electors to the Green Party candidate in 2000 and Nader would have been in the position to be "king" maker in that presidential election.3. This "initiative" is the highest ranked Digg subject matter (by far) at the McKinney/Clemente web site -- This lawsuit "initiative" was filed on July 28th, 2008, to commemorate the Century and Two Score years anniversary of the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. The "initiative" seeks to enforce the mal-apportionment penalty (MAP) provision of the Second Section of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution to empower Black Voters that is loss under "Winner-Take-All".5. This "initiative" exposes the "Winner-Take-All" white electoral quota as structurally anti-majoritarian because it concedes over half(147) of the Presidential Electors needed to select the President of the United States of America to the 11 states that made up the former Confederate States of America. "Winner-Take-All" is institutionally racially bias because it only counts the nearly 27% of general election white votes cast in the former Confederate States, while disregarding the near 46% of the general election black votes cast in those states in our presidential elections. The true measure of a democracy is not in counting how many votes are cast, but in how many of those votes that are cast count.6. This "initiative" also exposes an unfortunate irony . The "Reconstruction Party" and the Black Liberation Movement (BLM) apparently shares the public general ignorance of this most powerfull reconstruction provision to empower black voters and are in need of education by the GP Black Caucus to obtain the progressive understanding of the National Green Party at this stage.7. Finally, this "initiative" is to honor that voter empowerment amendment to the Constitution that represents the crowning achievement of the ultimate sacrifice made in the Civil War by that "band of brothers" of Americans of European and African descent to effect "a new birth of freedom" and forge "a more perfect union".Thank You,Asa

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    Greens around the country are coming together to help Malik Rahim win his congressional race in Louisiana.

    Malik Rahim is a hero for the work he did after Hurricane Katrina, and he is gaining ground daily against Rep. William Jefferson, who is facing trial on 16 counts of criminal corruption.

    Malik's campaign team has raised $10,000 in the last ten days, and if they meet their goal of $30,000 by 11/28, they will have a realistic chance of electing the first Green to Congress. Contribute today at http://www.votemali /

    Here's another great way to help: volunteer to make campaign calls to voters. These calls are urgently needed, because they can make a big impact in an election with low expected turnout.

    Anyone with an internet connection and a phone can make campaign calls from home. Please email your lists of supporters today and ask them to join the growing team by following this link: http://tinyurl. com/5686o2

    This is a history-making opportunity for Greens, and the time to seize it is now. Thanks for your time and support.

    Dave Schwab
    Online organizer, GreenChange. org
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