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Great Huts Eco-Resort Launches One Love Rastafari 7-Day Jamaican Excursion

One of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean, Great Huts Eco-Resort, recently launched One Love Rastafari – a new and exciting special interest excursion in one of the most culturally important places in the world: Jamaica. This seven-day cultural exploration into the origins of Rastafari spirituality is accompanied by expert commentary on its present and future.

It's fair to say there are some misconceptions about Rastafari. For many, the word conjures images of head-wrapped mystics wreathed in clouds of ganja smoke, intimations of immortality, or the mythic stature of Marcus Garvey and Haile Selassie. If you like Reggae music and are familiar with Bob Marley, chances are you have already sung, hummed and probably danced to one of its most profound messages: "One Love".

Tour Dates: July 9 - 16, 2017

For three days in the bustling city of Kingston and four days at Great Huts: Paradise on the Edge in Port Antonio (with plenty of free time to bask on the beaches of Portland), this lively tour embraces a wealth of tradition and experience. All details have been carefully thought out to entertain, enlighten and educate.

From drumming at Mount Debre Zeit, to panoramic views of Pinnacle – the birthplace of Rastafari – to insights on its historical Jewish connections. The One Love Rastafari experience offers an unedited view into this mystical homegrown culture. Included are film screenings at Africana House, exuberant Dub music sessions, and abundant culinary treats — an authentic Ethiopian dinner, sumptuous Ital food in Trench Town and outdoors by the herb gardens at Hope Bay.

The scenic route from Kingston to the lush parish of Portland through the Blue Mountains unparalleled in beauty and awe inspiring views. Guaranteed to be enjoyed by anyone, it is simply breathtaking.

The destination of Great Huts and all its details have meticulously remained true to the unwavering vision of Owner and Designer, Dr. Paul S. Rhodes, a Jewish American medical doctor who recognized the power and brilliance of Rastafari many years ago. Born in Brooklyn New York, Dr. Rhodes began with three tents and a mission to help the homeless and the elderly in Port Antonio. This learned man continues to remain true to these values while evolving Great Huts to new heights.

About One Love Rastafari: 
Presented in partnership with VIBZEN - this tour covers all daily and nightly entertainment, meals, entry fees, accommodation in Kingston and Port Antonio and transportation including airport transfers for your comfort, enjoyment and enlightenment.  

Price: $2,150 US per person including all taxes *

Call more information 876-857-7828 or email

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights: July 9 - 16, 2017

* Double occupancy and rates excluding Kingston accommodations are also available.  This tour can be arranged on request at any time during the year for a group booking of at least 15 persons.

About VIBZEN: 
Vibzen One-Of-A-Kind Jamaican Cultural Experiences offers exceptionally unique insight into the island's ethnic, indigenous and intuitive cultures. People, music, sports, art, religion, history, folklore and wellness are presented in private tailor-made experiences guided by local experts. Day tours and multiday getaways pre-designed or fully customized experiences. The most unique tour on the island, Vibzen is located in Barbican, Kingston 6. Follow Vibzen on Facebook and Instagram.

About Great Huts: 
Great Huts is Paradise on the Edge – where spirituality, nature, heritage, artistry and comfort converge. An all price range eco-resort set in a jungle landscape perched on cliffs that overlook Boston Bay and the Eastern Caribbean. Our African dwellings of tree-houses, huts and four gorgeous new bedrooms welcome travelers of independent mind to couples who want everything taken care of for them. Artists and romantics find warmth, executives find much needed balance. Everyone finds inspiration.

Great Huts is located at 8-10 Boston Bay, Port Antonio.  Follow Great Huts on

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Vivene Levison 
Public Relations Manager 
Great Huts Resort 

SOURCE Great Huts Resort

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