GOOD 1ST REPARATIONS CONVERSATIONPart two September 17, 2011 at 11 A.M.SEPTEMBER 11, 2011NAT TURNER LIBRARY, Drewryville, VA – The 1st “Reparations Conversation,” produced by T.N.T.L., on Internet Radio Blog Talk Radio platform, showcased the fluidity & correct information that the current generation of N’COBRA (The National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America) Members have about the Great Issue of Reparations.The Senior Co-Chair Diana Kimble, and one of the recently elected Male National Co-Chairs of N’COBRA, Brother Joseph Epps, made the first statements that The Nat Turner Library will document, along with the Congressional Record of the “Reparations Forum” that Rep. John Conyers will convene during Black Caucus Weekend in Washington, D. C. September 21-24, 2011.KAMM HOWARD LEGISLATIVE CHAIRMAN SETS STEADY TONEThe successor to the former Chair of the Legislative Commission, Dr. Nketchi Taifa, Brother Kamm Howard gave an articulate, thorough briefing on his mission to impanel a group of Reparations Advocates for the John Conyers event. His presentation is a good example of what some the first Leaders of N’COBRA did to prepare their successors to achieve the 2nd “Priority Mission of The Coalition: that is, it is thought, find and apply the strategies that will be necessary to “Back up the Demand for Reparations.”Mr. Kamm Howard not only gave a good briefing about why and how he is selecting Reparations Advocates to serve on the Conyers Panel, he also rendered a concise briefing on the current status of the approach to obtain Reparations via United States law. While there was nothing new in the briefing, just to know that N’COBRA “keeps on keeping on” in the new century, will no doubt, energize many who may have been dormant/inactive, after some absolutely dynamic building of N’COBRA during the 1990’s, as it achieved it’s “First Priority Mission.”The “Reparations Conversation” is not reserved strictly for N’COBRA, but save for the Co-Producer of the show, Baba Keidi Awadu, none of the presenters represented the the other 2 of 3-pronged entitlements for Reparations that the Rules and By-Laws of N’COBRA specify: Keidi is the Founder of – the social network widely thought to have introduced the technology (radio and all) to the National Black Community. He is also the Visionary for the Kujichagulia Villages in several states in varied stages of development throughout America. His presentation focused primarily on general needs to “do for self” and he gave particular information about what one of the Self Determination Villages have to offer right now! Khalifah Kujichagulia Village, that includes The Nat Turner Library in Virginia.FOUNDER OF N’COBRA, DR. IMARA OBADELEGAVE O.J.T. TO THE EARLY N’COBRA LEADERSHIPIt is no surprise to those who benefited from the personal contact with The Founder of N’COBRA, the late Dr. Imari Abubukari Obadele, who effectively gave us “O.J.T.” about the nature of the work necessary for the Reparations Demand to be successful: never before in history has a “superior mind” among Black people worked as effectively, as he, in the ranks of the formation that he founded.Dr. Obadele’s injunction to one and all was “just do the work.” And that is exactly what it appears at least one former N’COBRA Commission Chair person has done in preparing Kamm Howard to lead the N’COBRA Legislative Commission.It is expected some of the other N’COBRA Commissions and Committees – Human Resources, Economic Development Commission, Secretary, Treasurer – were as successful as The Legislative Chair Person, in grooming Kamm Howard to Lead this initiative. Of course, she was an avowed Mentee/Mentor connection to Dr. Obadele. Dr. Nketchi Taifa, a Professor at Howard University, in Washington, D. C.. A legend in her own right, as a Mentor of Dr. Obadele, as well as a former Attorney General of the Republic of New Afrika (RNAIf the “Representations Conversation” Saturday is an indication, The Great Issue of Reparations is in good position to sustain the Demand for Reparations. But whether it can identify, develop strategies and apply necessary methodologies to achieve the Next Priority Mission on the progression to the great day in the future of Black people in America? Is the question.Statements regarding Reparations and what Reparations Advocates would like to see come out of the 2011 Reparations Forum of John Conyers, will be taken again this coming Saturday at 11 A. M. If you, or someone you can recommend is interested in reserving 5 minutes of uninterrupted, to advocate for Reparations, air time to comment, call 434-378-2140. Or 323-902-2919. Or go to or

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