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G.O.D. Is The Real Reason The West Is Bombing Libya


"Gaddafi said his country and other oil exporters were looking into nationalizing foreign firms due to low oil prices and suggested Tripoli might not stick to OPEC production quotas. The state-run news service JANA on Thursday said Gaddafi spoke to students and teachers from Georgetown University, via a satellite link to Tripoli. Gaddafi said crude prices need to rebound to 100 US dollars a barrel to prevent calls for the nationalization of assets belonging to foreign oil companies from gaining ground. ‘I hope that the price of oil rises again to 100 US dollars a barrel, that the calls for nationalization cease and this idea goes away,’ said Gaddafi. He told Georgetown University students the current (around 44 dollars a barrel) price of oil is ‘unbearable.’" Spain's king in Libya amid talks of oil nationalization plans /,


Two years ago Libyan leader Moamar Gaddafi spoke via a satellite link to students in Washington DC’s Georgetown University and hinted that the current price of oil needed to be increased to ward off any push to nationalize Libya’s oil. He even stated he would go against OPEC and alter both the price and daily output of oil to keep Libya’s economy strong! The corporate media carried the story but you didn’t hear too much about it at the time. You can find a short piece on it at


Being that Georgetown is smack dab in the District of Criminals I’m sure news of what Gaddafi told the students traveled to the White House, K Street, up to Wall Street in New York and back to the Pentagon real fast. News reports of that talk are now surfacing which help shed a different light on the real reason the colonial powers of the US, England and France have attacked Gaddafi and are pushing for regime change after welcoming him back into the Western fold following 9-11.


Just like with the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq the real reasons for the attack on Libya are being concealed under a growing pile of lies and noble sounding motives. President Obama in his speech last night never mentioned oil once or the threat of nationalization of Libya’s oil and natural gas fields. However you can bet your last money that was the main topic of the CEOs and Boards of the multi-national oil and energy consortiums and companies coveting Libyan oil and gas following Gaddafi’s talk to the Georgetown students two years ago. And when the heads of these corporations talk , Washington, London, the CIA, MI6 and the Pentagon listen.


Obama and his predecessors are nothing more than willing puppets dangling from the strings of the multi-national corporations and "to big to fail" banks. Whispers of possible nationalization of Libyan oil did not sit well with the multi-national oil companies doing business in Libya. Companies like British Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, ExxonMobil, Verenex, Occidental and Nippon Oil are not going to stand by and allow Gaddafi or anyone else to nationalize their drilling, pumping and storage operations. International banksters like Barclays, J.P. Morgan Asset Management and HSBC Standard Chartered are also heavily invested in Libya. FACTBOX: Big foreign companies doing business with Libya Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:35am EDT They will do whatever it takes to protect their "interests". If a few thousand or a few million people have to die so they can keep their crude and investments so what?


I watched some of the President’s speech, it was pathetic. It was like listening to your teenaged son with his buddies in the background for support lie and try to put a positive spin on why they took your family car and wrecked it by saying they had to take one of their sick friend to the hospital and accidentally crashed on the way. While it sounds noble they still stole your car and wrecked it. Obama’s speech kept harping on the "humanitarian" nature of the mission; nevertheless he ordered the bombs and missiles without going to Congress for approval and the US military has bombed Libyan civilian targets and infrastructure. There is nothing humanitarian about that! There is nothing humanitarian about war!


You can believe Obama is bombing Libya for humanitarian reasons if you want, that’s your prerogative. You can believe the US will pull out of Libya next week and turn every thing over to NATO too, but please understand that NATO has devolved into nothing more than the enforcement arm for the IMF, World Bank loan sharks and the proverbially loyal second banana side kick to the US in its imperialist misadventures around the world. If you want to be more astute and on the case, always follow the money; or in the case of the European elites, look for their G.O.D. in every situation. I’m not talking about some invisible white man who lives in the sky. I’m referring to the very tangible assets of: gold or natural gas, oil and drugs white people rush to shed oceans of blood to control.


This is the real nexus amongst the current wars in Afghanistan (oil pipelines, natural gas and opium) Iraq (oil and Israeli imperialism), Somalia (oil), Sudan (oil) and now Libya (oil and natural gas). You can soon add Cote d’Ivoire (oil) to the mix. If any or all of these are implicated even remotely, you can bet your bottom dollar they are going to bum rush whomever and whatever is in the way of their securing their G.O.D.


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