The health industry has shown outstanding growth in recent years and will grow in coming years also. The health sectors have shown remarkable growth in the USA and have become the largest industry in the world. This sector gives a plenty of employment opportunities to millions of people alone in USA.

Health administration or healthcare management is the field which deals with management and administration of Care clinics by arranging networks of hospital, public health systems and fitness care systems in a proper way. As the hospitals are growing up in this modern era, so the administrators are also in great demand to run a care clinic in an efficient way. The main aim of   health care professionals is to make a clinic arranged, organized, maintained and well-managed, so that   each patient can avail the best health services during their treatment.

H.S.A as a discipline or Degree

Health Services Administration discipline is also known as health management, health systems management, healthcare management, healthcare system management and medical and fitness services management.

Degree options

The Health Services Management or Administration degree can be accomplished at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels in Arts and Science stream both. Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics can be accomplished in Health Services Management specialization. This interdisciplinary program gives students a variety of careers in the fields of health services management.

Job opportunities

After accomplishing this degree, candidates get enormous job opportunities in various hospitals. They get positions like administrators, hospital network manager, generalists and specialists. Generalists are the individuals who manage an entire facility of a hospital. Specialists are the individuals who are responsible to manage the specific department of a clinic, nursing homes and hospitals. They are responsible for various types of works like policy analysis, accounting, managing finance, budgeting, human resources management and marketing.

Some the famous place where students get placed are health maintenance organizations, health insurance companies, mental health agencies, health departments, home health agencies and academic medical centers.


The main aim of a health services administrator is to plan, organize and manage the hospital networks in a better way. They are responsible to organize the overall networks of a clinic, nursing home or hospitals, so that patients can get the best services during their treatment. They also manage public fitness systems and benefit a large community.

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