Res Ipsa Locquitor

By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.


Work Study Group


From Reverse Migration to "Deadbeat Race."


          This subset tells the story.  My beloved parents moved back to Wheat Street, “a family community,” in Newnan, Georgia from Michigan in order for them to continue the struggle against white supremacy and to prevent "slave deaths."  They never punished me for engaging in any act against white supremacy.  They made me aware of ‘slave profiling.’  It is necessary to separate weeds from grass.


          Blacks are always assigning a wrong reason to a good-faith action and an element of HELP. This is a fallacy. I was always pro-Black.  I was against a system that credited one race with “white supremacy” and another race with “Negro inferiority.”  Systems analysis is necessary to recognize the difference.


          In all of my adult life, I NEVER LOST My Mouthpiece.  This was the legacy of Gabriel Prosser.  My adversaries went from the "Gang of Four" to Donald J. Trump and on to President Ronald Reagan. Now, it is President Donald J. Trump and “All the President's Men.”  Again, I NEVER LOST My Mouthpiece during these battles.


          Despite Machiavellianism, I still have my mouthpiece.  Give me a bill of particulars of septuagenarians, who still have their voices, after decades of struggle.  I have been a scribe.  Everyday, I place entries in a journal with the assistance of a corresponding secretary, Sarah Russell, who has exemplary editorial skills.  Malcolm X: “Of all the disciplines, history is best qualified to reward our research.”


          No Black person should be a deadbeat or promote slave wages.  Every organization is supposed to have a war budget.  A chitlin circuit operation has no attorney, no accountant and no corresponding secretary.  I must avoid chitterlings at all costs including, my postponed appearance in Brooklyn today, which includes judicial gerrymandering.


          My involvement with the Southern District of New York goes back to attorney Chokwe Lumumba of the Republic of New Afrika and the right of “Have Gun Will Travel" beyond state lines.  Attorney Chokwe Lumumba was licensed to practice law in Michigan. The federal government described him as an “urban terrorist.”  This was a seminal case.  He went on to become the mayor of Jackson, MS.  This was also an instance of reverse migration.


          Attorney Lumumba must not become the victim of a “slave death.”  White supremacists studied the original intent of Republic of New Afrika and one of its founders, “Brother Gaida Obadele.”  Its capital would be in Jackson, Hinds County, MS.  Robert Williams was its first president.


          The ACLU advised attorney Lumumba to “take a knee.”  I told him that I had never allowed a "criminal defendant" to “take a knee” or to apologize to white supremacy and I was definitely not going to start with him, a “freedom fighter.” Until the end of my time, on this planet, I never intend to lose my record or my mouthpiece and I refuse to be the victim of a “slave death.”


          Now, it is President Donald J. Trump and "All the President's Men" seeking to save Mr. Trump and his presidency.  Attorney Rudolph Giuliani is still seeking to enforce the orders of President Reagan.  Now, he is “moonlighting”. White supremacy is like an assembly line.  It is on duty 24-7 with replaceable parts.


          At 94 years of age, Sis. Fannie Clark is a revered elder and a creditor.  Blacks should be coming to her with praise.  The debt must be liquidated. No civilized ethnic group would require a revered elder to bow to its warriors.  This would be a treasonous act.  My name is not "Benedict Arnold."  In fact, whites, in the United States, refuse to give a baby this name.


          Like all revered elders, I am preparing for the afterlife while advising our youth how to become a part of the assembly line.  For fighting on behalf of the down-trodden, no revered elder should end up homeless, penniless, and unable to practice a profession.  Nonetheless, I must still lead by example.  My next stop should be Sacramento, CA, with a war budget, plus certified transcripts, and not be in the red, followed by undocumented immigrants in California.


          No person should have a bull's eye on his or her back.  This is a class action.  After the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment, descendants of enslaved Africans are entitled to adopt a class action to” fight fire with fire.”  Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. said it best: "An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."


          In legalese and in military science, this has always been my creed.  It should be on my tombstone in addition to “Up You Mighty Race.”  This is the true meaning of pro bono representation under the Code of Professional Responsibility and in American jurisprudence.

 Alton H. Maddox, Jr.


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