hetep,what the recent executions of the brothas in new orleans, oakland and houston are simply trying to convey is that freedom comes through the barrel of a shotgun! there are three types of black people in the united snakes. those afrikans who don't know what's happening. those afrikans who let things happen. and those afrikans who make things happen. those afrikans that don't know what's happening need to be taught that they are the only ones that are going to free themselves, by any means necessary. those afrikans that let things happen need their asses kicked. and those that make things happen are the genuine leaders, who can only be revolutionary in their stance against the p.i.g. state, which is simply a licensed terrorism fraternal order paid to protect property or the protertied class.so, until then, the p.i.g.s are going to keep doing what they're paid to do. in so many words, the p.i.g.s are asking who's next? and the brothas in new orleans, oakland and houston were the next prey. and that type of cocky, arrogant, john wayne psycho-mentally only understands one type of language. and that's violence or violent force, because their ancestors set this sess pool of nation up with the same applied formula, which the p.i.g. state now has turned into scientific violence. therefore, it is ludicrous to actually believe that any of the various p.i.g. agencies are going to actually prosecute their own armed terrorists, when it is their sworn duty to mete out white justice in the name of white supremacy, which is predicated on a fear of a black planet. and that fear is the driving force of the violent p.i.g. state, while another type of fear has gripped the afrikan collective. and that fear that has been etched into the very heart and soul of the black collective is the product of premeditated and methodical violence, overlaid by a false sense of christian dogma, which is the forerunner of modern white supremacist violence. now what we gon do?uhuru!

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