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Junious Ricardo Stanton


            The Chinese have a saying, “May you live in interesting times.” These are indeed interesting times when you consider and contemplate current events. For the past two and a half years we have been inundated with massive propaganda, government and corporate disinformation and lies about COVID-19 a supposedly lethal global plague that actually has a 99% recovery rate if you are not immune system compromised, chronically ill, morbidly obese or engaged in unhealthy lifestyle choices.

            But when these facts are raised we are subjected to censorship, demonization, vitriol and ostracism. We have seen or experienced censorship, suppression and we have either seen or personally been deplatformed, demonetized and shadow banned from social media. The president of the United States was banned from social media in a blatant violation of First Amendment rights but because it was Donald Trump there was no fuss made about it.

            A philosopher, essayist, novelist and poet named Jorge Agustín Nicolás Ruiz de Santayana y Borrás also known as George Satayana is best known for his quote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” We are seeing this played out in front of us in the modern “breaking the buck” situation featuring Kanye West (now calling himself Ye) and Kyrie Irving. Breaking the Buck was a procedure used during enslavement to beat down, humiliate and serve as a lesson to show what would happen to proud, strong willed, stubborn freedom loving Black men. The owner, “master” or plantation overseer would viciously and mercilessly beat, verbally abuse then sodomize the male in front of the whole plantation! Think about that for a minute let it marinate in your mind; not only was the Black man they called “a Buck” (a pejorative term) brutally beaten and verbally abused he was publicly raped (sodomized) in front of the other enslaved men, women and children!

            While the oligarchs and their minions no longer physically beat us, lock people in public stockades, lynch or rape us in the literal sense, they do brutalize, sodomize and lynch us socio-economically and politically. This is what the media did to Kanye West and Kyrie Irving at the behest of their owners.

It has been interesting watching the media talking heads and pundits vilify both men because of their comments, beliefs and their stands on certain issues. The issue for me is not whether they are correct or not, the issue is their right to think, say and opine is being denied and they are being publicly punished for them.

           Kanye and Kyrie are experiencing a modern day breaking the Buck! They are being publicly vilified, demonized and excoriated because of their stances on issues and topics. This is happening in the supposed land of the free, the home of free speech and expression. It is eye opening watching the white establishment go after them but it is even more disturbing seeing handkerchief head Negroes follow suit. It is depressing watching the shufflin’ scratchin’ House Negroes on HBO, ESPN and other cable outlets pontificate and go after Kanye and Kyrie at the behest of the powers that be, like the old day overseers.

          We have seen this before in our sojourn here in this country, it’s called breaking the Buck and it is used on uncontrollable Blacks whether they are male or female. The powers that be ran Ida Wells Barnett out of Memphis Tennessee, a mob destroyed her printing press and her newspaper office because she had the courage to conduct investigative journalism that debunked their lies about Black men raping white women. She proved it was a dastardly ruse, a vicious canard to justify their lynching of Black men.

         We saw what the government did to Callie House for merely asking and campaigning for a pension for formally enslaved persons. We know what they did to Marcus Garvey for daring to form a global mass movement of uplift for Black people! We saw how the establishment went after Martin Luther King Jr. when he opposed their racist imperialist war in Southeast Asia. I could go on but you get my drift.

         We’ve seen how certain special interests went after Minister Farrakhan, Professor Tony Martin, former Public Enemy member Professor Griff, Aresnio Hall and Nick Cannon for uttering verbiage they felt was offensive or hurtful. Don’t get me wrong,  I don’t have a problem with an ethnic or special interest group trying to protect their public persona, image and reputation; I think we should do this!  My problem is when we stand idly by and refuse to stand up to protect our own when these groups attack, vilify or disparage them/us! It’s like the breaking the Buck thing all over again. At some point in time we need to flex our muscles and stand up for ourselves and our people!


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          On another note despite massive and ubiquitous censorship and suppression, the Truth is getting out. Robert Kennedy Jr. wrote a best selling book called, The Real Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on democracy and Public Health that soared off the shelves despite being ignored and later demonized by the Big Pharma, the Medical Industrial government media hydra. Good for him!

          The Stew Peters Network produced an excellent documentary entitled Died Suddenly. The corporate establishment media, those who even mention it are calling it anti-vaxx disinformation and propaganda. I strongly urge you to see it for yourself and make up your own mind about this important issue. You can watch it for free at:

           Investigative journalist Whitney Webb has written an extensive expose of Jeffrey Epstein called One Nation Under Blackmail. It’s a two volume set, over nine hundred pages long that reveals the nefarious connections of sex trafficking, espionage, political extortion, and the nexus amongst global intelligence agencies, governments, organized crime and how it impacts us. I have not read it but I have seen her interviews, it is quite telling informative and impressive. You can see one of her interviews at:

Someone once said “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” food for thought.



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